November 2019

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Set your Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) equipped all-hazards alert radio for Pinellas County: Enter code 012103


Pinellas County Emergency Management Director Cathie PerkinsFrom the desk of Cathie Perkins
Director of Pinellas County Emergency Management

Disaster Preparedness is Good Business

We take for granted the conveniences provided to us by many businesses.  We can order items to be delivered right to our doors, we can pass by gas stations and grocery stores early in the morning until late at night.  What happens when businesses are impacted by a disaster? Does your disaster planning allow you to be self-sufficient for a number of days?

Businesses may be interrupted due to a number of factors.  Employees may have left the area for the storm.  The companies they rely upon to restock supplies may not be able to make deliveries.  Power outages may limit the ability of businesses to open or cause perishable consumables to spoil.  Cash registers, phone lines and credit card machines may be inoperable.   Damages to the facility may take time to repair or could cause total devastation to the company. 

The faster a businesses can resume operations, the quicker we can all recover as a community. With every business that opens its doors, there are more services available to us, and we can fuel up, go grocery shopping, to out for dinner or a movie. 

When a business reopens its doors more people can go back to work. That means they can make money to buy groceries. It also means people can stay in Pinellas County, and won’t have to move to another area to find employment and start all over again. 

It’s good business to be resilient and we like to help. On Oct. 23 Pinellas County Emergency Management, Economic Development and local Chamber of Commerce hosted the first Beach Business Hurricane Preparedness Summit held at the Emergency Operations Center in Largo. About 30 beach business representatives and community partners showed their commitment to the community by participating in the event which was ironically rescheduled due to the threat of Hurricane Dorian.

At the event, we talked about evacuations, post-storm beach access, preparedness and recovery, and looked at the ways that we can communicate with each other. We look forward to more business-focused activities this year as we work together to find more ways to make this community a resilient one.

You can watch a video of the event on the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce Facebook page at
. There are also photos posted from the event on Economic Development’s Facebook album at

I would like to thank our partners who joined me on the panel:

  • Mike Meidel, Director of Pinellas County Economic Development
  • Robin Miller, CEO of the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce
  • Leroy Bridges, Vice President of Digital & Communications for Visit St. Petersburg-Clearwater
  • Captain Nick Lazaris, Commander of the Special Operations Division of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
  • Jeff Baker, Government and Community Relations Manager for Duke Energy
  • Ashley Johnson, Senior Communications Coordinator for Pinellas County Marketing and Communications.

Not Yet!

Hurricane Season is not over until Nov. 30, so please refrain from celebrating! Please don’t unpack your hurricane emergency kits until the month is over.

  • This will be the last issue of the e-Lert for this Hurricane Season, however; we would still like to keep you informed of severe weather, a tornado in your area or other urgent news. Sign up for Alert Pinellas at to continue hearing from us throughout the year. Let your friends and family know too!

Storming the Holidays

  • When it is time to unpack your hurricane kit, consider donating the canned items to a local food collection site to share with those less fortunate. If you do donate your food, please check the expiration date first.
  • Remember, disaster preparedness is a year-round effort and the need for it never expires. Pinellas County has its fair share of tornadoes each winter season and there are other hazards for which we must always prepare.
  • There are steps that residents of mobile homes and manufactured homes can take to make the home better able to withstand heavy winds from a hurricane or tornado. Just remember that all residents of mobile homes, manufactured homes and recreational vehicles must always evacuate when ordered. See more information on our website at
  • For the holiday gift-giving season, emergency supplies make great gifts! Items like solar cellphone chargers, hand-cranked radios, battery-operated lanterns and camping gear in general comes in handy year-round.
  • The winter season is also an excellent time to plan larger projects to protect your home, like replacing windows and garage doors, securing your gable roof, or removing diseased trees from your property.
We hope you enjoy your holidays, take some time to harden your home, improve your plans and explore ways that you can help prepare our community. If you have any questions, or would like to explore ways you can get involved in helping our community better prepare for disasters, email us at or call us at (727) 464-3800.

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