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 Planning for Livable Communities


image of a Livable Community environment The term “livable communities” is used to describe urban environments where walking, bicycling and transit service is safe, comfortable and efficient and where the physical environment offers an interesting and unique experience from the standpoint of street, land and building design. Another key aspect of livable communities is the mixing of land uses which allows people to live closer to their points of destination such as shopping and work locations. In 2006, the MPO initiated a program to develop a set of model comprehensive plan policies and land development codes designed to implement livable community features in the design and construction of streetscape improvements and land development projects.

At their meeting on June 13, 2007, the MPO approved the Livable Communities Model Comprehensive Plan Objectives and Policies for implementation by the local governments through their respective comprehensive plans.  The model objectives and policies provided the policy framework for the subsequent development of the model land development codes.  The final version of the model objectives was subsequently transmitted to the local governments for implementation through their site plan review processes.

The Livable Communities Model Land Development Code was approved by the MPO at their meeting on September 10, 2008.  The MPO’s Livable Communities Task Force, chaired by Pinellas County Commissioner Robert Stewart, provided direction and oversight throughout the process of developing the Model Land Development Code as well as the Model Comprehensive Plan Objectives and Policies.  The Livable Communities Task Force members are listed below.

Robert Stewart, Board of County Commissioners
Frank Hibbard, City of Clearwater Mayor
Jeff Danner, City of St. Petersburg Councilman
Ned Allen, MPO Citizen’s Advisory Committee
Steve Cohen, MPO Citizen’s Advisory Committee
Joe Falanga, Business Representative
Tom Kennedy, Business Representative
Paul Bertels, MPO Technical Coordinating Committee
Jeff Rogo, Business Representative

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