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Pinellas County Wireless Network Information

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Pinellas County Government now provides wireless network access to the public and County employees throughout most County buildings.

The installation of a personal wireless access point (Apple Airport Station, wireless router, etc.), or a MiFi device is highly discouraged. These devices are a security risk and will negatively impact the efficiency of the County's wireless network.

NOTE: The Pinellas County wireless network supports both 802.11g and 802.11n wireless devices. Once connected to a wireless network, you will not be using your cellular data plan. If you are out of the range of our wireless network, your phone will automatically switch back to your cellular service, thus using your cellular data plan.

Pinellas County Wireless Access Availability Portable Document File format

The Business Technology Services (BTS) Department is increasing WiFi coverage at most County locations. It is estimated that over 800 access points in 99 county buildings will be online by the end of the calendar year 2013.

Which Wireless Network should I use?

I am a guest...

A guest is considered anyone who requires basic internet access. Guest users can utilize the Pinellas_Guest wireless network throughout Pinellas County Government buildings. Access is unsecured and only requires acceptance of the Pinellas County Acceptable Use Policy. No personal information is required. This access is temporary and will require re-authentication every 8 hours.

Pinellas_Guest Wireless Network

On your wireless device, select the Pinellas_Guest wireless network to connect. Your web browser will be redirected to the Pinellas County Acceptable Use Policy. Acceptance of the terms in this policy is required before internet access is given.


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I am a Pinellas County employee...

Pinellas County employees have two additional networks available depending on the device being used. These networks provide increased security to protect both personal and County data.

Employee's personal devices, such as phones and tablets, can utilize the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wireless network. This is a secure, encrypted network. Once connected, employees will have full internet access, as well as limited access to internal enterprise resources. Employees are protected by the same web filtering enforced by their department. This network requires the employee's network username and password to gain access.

Show me how to connect to this network

This wireless network will allow County issued devices (NO mobile devices at this time, ONLY County issued laptops) to connect with full access to both the internet and the enterprise network. This is a highly secured, encrypted connection. The wireless device’s MAC address and initialization of a certificate are required in order to connect to this network.

Show me how to connect to this network


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I am a Pinellas County employee...


Pinellas_BYOD Wireless Configuration Settings

Use these settings to configure a mobile device to use the Pinellas_BYOD secure wireless network.

General connection information:
SSID: Pinellas_BYOD
Network Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Network authentication/EAP method: PEAP
Second or Phase 2 authentication method: MSHAPv2
Login/Username: Employee's Network Username and Password

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Pinellas_Enterprise Wireless Configuration Settings

Employees will need to have their County issued laptops MAC address registered in order to have access to this network.

Connecting and configuring your connection to Pinellas_Enterprise has differs per operating system. Please view the document below that pertains to your operating system.

Device and operating system specific setup instructions:

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