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AGENDA – Regular Public Meeting Pinellas County
  Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
9:03 p.m. September 10, 2002

Approved +
Denied X
Temporarily Deferred TD
Public Hearing PH Date

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Any Person Wishing to Speak at this Time (Excluding Issues on the Agenda or Previously Acted on by the BCC) Must Have a Card Filled Out and Turned in to Staff at the Administrative Table Located at the Front of the Board Room.


The Procedure Used by the Board of County Commissioners in Conducting Public Hearings is to Have a Staff Presentation Followed by the Applicant Presenting the Specific Proposal. The Board Will Then Hear Comments From the Proponents Followed by Comments From the Opponents and a Staff Summary. The Applicant Will Then be Given an Opportunity to Close and the Board of County Commissioners Will Decide on the Matter. Please Refer to the Back of Your Agenda Copy for More Details on Guidelines for Time Limitations and Opportunities to Speak.


+ 1. Proposed Ordinance Amending Section 2-142 Relating to the Risk Finance
as amended Program Administration.

TD 2. Proposed Ordinance Creating Oakhurst Groves No. 3 Subdivision Street Lighting District.



3. Approval of Minutes:

a. Regular Meetings - None.

b. Correction to Minutes of July 9, 2002, Agenda Item No. 76; Caption to Read, "Resolution No. 02-132 Adopted Approving Changes in County Commission District Lines as Recommended by the Supervisor of Elections."

4. Reports:

a. Internal Audit Report No. 2002-22 Dated August 22, 2002 - Audit of Clerk of the Circuit Court - South County Branch Office.

b. $83,250,000 Pinellas County, Florida Resource Recovery Revenue Bonds, Series 1996 (the "Bonds") - Determination of Arbitrage Rebate Liability for Year 5, Report Dated August 7, 2002.

5. Other Approvals:

a. General.

1. Clerk of the Circuit Court 2002-2003 Budget Submitted in Two Parts Pursuant to Chapter 218.35, Florida Statutes; and Estimate of Interest Earnings and Revenues of the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

b. Satisfactions of Judgments and Liens.

c. Vouchers and Bills Paid.

6. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. Resolutions Endorsing High Level Fixed Span Type Bridge for Belleair Causeway:

1. City of Belleair Beach, No. 2002-12, Adopted July 1, 2002.

2. Town of North Redington Beach, No. 2002-77, Adopted August 8, 2002.

3. Town of Redington Shores, No. 15-02, Adopted August 13, 2002.

b. Resolutions Opposing Use of Beach Nourishment Fund by Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB):

1. City of Oldsmar, No. 2002-24, Adopted August 6, 2002.

2. City of Seminole, No. 2002-08, Adopted August 13, 2002.

3. City of Treasure Island, No. 02-64, Adopted August 13, 2002.

4. Town of Kenneth City, No. 02-10, Adopted August 14, 2002.

5. Town of North Redington Beach, No. 2002-78, Adopted August 8, 2002.

c. City of Largo Notice of Annexation and Land Use Plan Amendment Hearings Regarding Ordinances Nos. 2002-87 and 2002-97 to be Held October 15, 2002.

d. Correspondence from the City of Pinellas Park Regarding Five Ordinances Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property, Public Hearing to be Held September 12, 2002.

e. Pinellas Park Water Management District Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Fiscal Year 2002-2003 Millage Rate/Budget Held August 22, 2002.

f. U.S. Department of Transportation/United States Coast Guard Public Notice (1-02) Regarding Receipt of Application from URS Corporation for Replacement of a Bridge (Boca-Ciega, Gulf Intra-Coastal Waterway).


Public Works

7. Approval of Request for Refund of Filing Fees Submitted by Paul A. Manuel, P.E., President of Coastal Design Consultants, Representing Thurman J. Ross, III.

8. Approval of Request for Refund of Filing Fees Submitted by Robert S. Tripka, Represented by Todd Pressman of Pressman and Associates, Inc.

Other Departments

9. Adoption of a Resolution for Assessment of Liens against Lands Cleared (Environmental Management).

10. Approval of Option of Renewal - Hydraulic Repair Parts and Service (Fleet Management).

11. Approval of Contract Assignment for Guzzler and Vactor Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (Fleet Management).

12. Approval of a Service Funding Agreement with Operation PAR, Inc. for Assessor Positions at the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center (Justice Coordination).

13. Approval of a Grant-in-Aid Agreement with the Office of the State Courts Administrator for the Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program (Justice Coordination).

14. Adoption of a Resolution Supplementing the FY02 General Fund Budget - Law Library (Management and Budget).

15. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Expenditure of County Funds for the Fiscal Year 2002 CommUnity Campaign of the National Conference for Community and Justice (Management and Budget). (See Item No. 18)
16. Approval of Budget Amendment No. 26 (Management and Budget).

17. Approval of Option of Renewals:

a. First and Final - Managed Care Benefits (Purchasing/Personnel).
(See Item No. 18)

b. First and Final - Vision Benefits (Purchasing/Personnel).

c. Third and Final - Group Dental Benefits (Purchasing/Personnel).

d. First and Final - Retail and Mail Order Pharmacy Benefits (Purchasing/Personnel).

e. First and Final and First Amendment - Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and Other Alcohol/Urine Drug Testing Services (Risk Management).


18. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court).

15. Commr. Seel suggested increasing the participation from Pinellas County.

17a. Mr. Spratt substituted item clarifying percentage adjustments.


Public Works

+ 19. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to the Construction Engineering and Inspection Services Agreement for the Bryan Dairy Road - 72nd Street to U.S. 19 Project.

+ 20. Approval of the Installation of Three Speed Humps on 35th Way North between 54th Avenue North and 58th Avenue North.


+ 21. Adoption of a Reimbursement Resolution Relating to Proposed Future Tax-Exempt Financing for the Sewer System.

Other Departments

+ 22. Approval of an Amendment to the Exempt Pay Plan (County Administrator/Personnel).

+ 23. Approval of Authority to Advertise for a Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to Chapter 42, Article VII - Charitable Solicitations Ordinance (County Attorney/Consumer Protection).

+ 24. Approval of the Execution of an Access and Joint Operating Agreement for the Planned Remediation of the Former Zero Site (General Services).

+ 25. Approval of a Contract for Medical Examiner Services (Justice Coordination).

+ 26. Approval of a Contract for Forensic Laboratory Services (Justice Coordination).

+ 27. Approval of Award of Bid - Financing for the Computer Lease Program (Management and Budget).

+ 28. Approval of Contract Extension - Collection/Sale of Scrap Metal (Purchasing).

29. Other Administrative Matters.


+ 30. Request Authority for County Attorney to Defend:

a. LaSalle Bank, N.A. v. Vicks, Darla - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6299-CI-8 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving Judgments for Attorney Fees.

b. Mortgage Electric Registration Systems, Inc. v. Green, Winifred - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6516-CI-8 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving Judgments for Fine and Costs.

c. Mortgage Electric Registration Systems Inc. v. Linda S. Steele, et ux, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-5709-CI-11 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage.

d. Southtrust Mortgage Corp. v. Irene E. Griffin, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6178-CI-20 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage.

e. United States of America v. Robert A. Angell, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6311-CI-7 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Street Lighting Lien.

f. Wachovia Bank, etc. v. USA Cable Connections, Inc., et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6187-CI-19 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Judgment for Attorney Fees and Cost.

g. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. v. Morena M. Mahon, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6148-CI - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage.

h. William Mortgage Corp. v. Day, Keith and Donna - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6496-CI-15 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Judgment for Fine and Costs.

i. Rosella L. Nance and Jasper Nance v. Pinellas County Sheriff's Office - Circuit Civil Case No. 02-6138-CI-13 - Allegations of Negligence by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

+ 31. Approval of Special Counsel Contract of Carlton, Fields, Ward, Emmanuel, Smith & Cutler, P.A. to Represent the County Regarding South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Project.

+ 32. Authority by the Board to File Declaratory Judgment against Don Connolly as Trustee of the Connolly Land Trust and James Zingale, Executive Director of Florida Department of Revenue Related to 1.7-Foot Parcel in Mangrove.

+ 33. Issuance of a Deed to Bengal Industries, Inc. as Required by that Certain Loan Agreement between the Pinellas County Industry Council (Predecessor in Interest to Pinellas County) and Bengal Industries, Inc.

+ 34. Authorization for Filing of an Amicus Curiae Brief on Behalf of the Florida Association of County Attorneys in the Supreme Court in the Matter of the State of Florida v. City of Clearwater, Florida, Case No. SC02-1694.

+ 35. Consideration of the Information Technology Board Interlocal Agreement.

+ 36. Recommendation of Settlement in Pinellas County v. Innisbrook, Inc., et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 01-1575-CI-7.

+ 37. Recommendation of Rejection of Mediation Settlement Offer in ACS State and Local Solutions, Inc., f/k/a Lockheed Martin IMS Corporation v. the Pinellas WAGES Coalition; et al, Case No. 01-009324-CI-21, and Approval of Further Financial Analysis.

38. Miscellaneous.


Economic Development Authority

+ 39. Approval of First Amendment to Lease Agreement with Specialized Information Management Associates, Inc.

+ 40. Approval of First Amendment to Lease Agreement with New Directions in Learning.

Water and Navigation Control Authority

+ 41. Consideration of Appeal of Approval of Application P31083-02, Theresa Buck, 4194 Harbor Hills Drive, McKay Creek, Largo.

+ 42. Adoption of a Resolution Relating to the Sea Horse Mobile Home Park Channel - Navigational Dredge Assessment Project.


43. Update on Mosquito Control.

44. Municipal Dispute Resolution Status.


+ 45. Approval of Appointment to the Pinellas County Park Board.

46. Miscellaneous.


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