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 Pinellas County BCC Meeting Results

Meeting Date June 6, 2006 * 9:33 a.m.






Temporarily Deferred

temporarily deferred

Public Hearing

public hearing

 Withdrawn withdrawn


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



Any Person Wishing to Speak at This Time, Excluding Non-Public Hearing Items on the Agenda or Issues Previously Acted on by the BCC, Must Have a Yellow Card Completed and Given to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room. The Chair Will Call Each Speaker, One by One, to the Podium to be Heard. Each Speaker May Speak up to Three (3) Minutes.
Liz Young, Clearwater, Magic Beans Village Foundation
Beth Harre-Orr, Tampa, Magic Beans Village Foundation
Dr. Patricia Wilmoth, Magic Beans Village Foundation
Carl R. Lavender, Jr., St. Petersburg, Children with Disabilities; Magic Beans Village Foundation


Any Person Wishing to Speak about a Public Hearing Item Shall Complete a Blue Card and Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room. The Procedure Used by the BCC in Conducting Public Hearings is to Have a Staff Presentation Followed by the Applicant Presenting the Specific Proposal. The BCC Will Then Hear Comments from the Proponents Followed by Comments from the Opponents and a Staff Summary. The Applicant Will Then be Given an Opportunity to Close and the BCC Will Decide on the Matter. Please Refer to the Back of Your Agenda Copy for More Details on Guidelines for Time Limitations and Opportunities to Speak.

1. Any Person Who Has Been Authorized to Represent an Organization with Five (5) or More Members or a Group of Five (5) or More Persons Shall Complete a Blue Card, Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room, and Should Limit Their Presentation to Ten (10) Minutes. It is Expected that Others in the Organization or Group Will Waive Their Time.

2. Any Other Person Who Wishes to Speak about a Public Hearing Item Shall Complete a Blue Card, Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room, and May Speak up to Three (3) Minutes. The Chairman Will Call Each Speaker, One by One, to the Podium to be Heard.


public hearing 6-20-06 1. Proposed Ordinance Related to Solid Waste Management and Disposal Facilities (First Public Hearing) (Deferred from May 16, 2006, BCC Meeting)

approved 2. Proposed Ordinance to Amend Pinellas County Code Related to Contracting for Designated Professional Services

approved 3. Proposed Ordinance to Correct a Citation Error Regarding the Future Land Use Map

approved 4. Proposed Ordinance Regarding Section 138-1281 of the Pinellas County Land Development Code Regarding Limitations on the Number of Accessory Utility Sheds and Storage Buildings Permitted on Residential Properties (Second Public Hearing)


Pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 31182, Laws of Florida (1955), as Amended, it is the Policy of the Pinellas County Water and Navigation Control Authority that all Persons Giving Testimony on Matters Relating to Application for Dredge, Fill, or Dock Permits do so Under Oath. If You Wish to Make Statements or Give Testimony Concerning Any of the Water and Navigation Items, Please be Prepared to Stand and Take the Oath When Requested to do so by the Clerk.

approved 5. Dredge and Fill Application DF1702-06 Submitted by Frank Burkett/WD Development, LLC, 400 Meres Boulevard, Canals off Whitcomb Bayou, Tarpon Springs

approved 6. Private Dock Application P36609-05/Revised Submitted by Thomas E. Smith, 19801 Gulf Boulevard, The Narrows, Indian Shores

approved 7. Private Dock Application P36038-05/Revised Submitted by Patrick and Deborah Garrigan, 2063 North Pointe Alexis Drive, Lot 129, Anclote River, Tarpon Springs

approved 8. Multi-Use Private Dock Application M36989-06 Submitted by GFB Development, LLC, 125 and 143 Island Way, Clearwater Harbor, Clearwater

approved 9. Multi-Use Private Dock Application M36555-05/Revised Submitted by Westwinds Group, LLC/Bay Pines Manor, Inc., 10265 Gulf Boulevard, Boca Ciega Bay, Treasure Island

approved 10. Commercial Dock Application CA36856-06 Submitted by Anthony Amico/Danto Holdings Of St. Pete, LLC, 11125 Gulf Boulevard, Intercoastal Waterway, Treasure Island


public hearing 6/20/06 11. Proposed Amendment of the Countywide Rules for Subthreshold Amendments (First Public Hearing)

approved 12. Proposed Amendment to Beach By Design Special Area Plan (Deferred from May 2, 2006, CPA Meeting)

Consideration of the Following Proposals to Amend the Adopted Countywide Future Land Use Plan:



approved a. Case CW 06-25 – St. Petersburg
0.1 Acres Located on the South Side of 8th Avenue North, Approximately 80 Feet East of 34th Street North from Commercial General to Residential Urban

approved b. Case CW 06-26 – Pinellas Park
6.5 Acres Located at 8021 60th Street from Institutional and Preservation to Residential Urban

approved c. Case CW 06-27 – Largo
3.5 Acres Located on the Northwest Corner of Clearwater-Largo Road and Hudson Street from Residential Urban and Residential/Office/Retail to Residential Low Medium

approved 14. REGULAR AMENDMENT – Case CW 06-28 – Pinellas County
1.9 Acres Located on the East Side of 66th Street North between 49th Avenue North and 50th Avenue North from Residential/Office General to Commercial General

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15. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 18, 2006

16. Reports:

a. Continuing Bond Disclosures Dated April 30, 2006 Pursuant to Rule 15c2-12 of the Securities and Exchange Commission for:

$83,250,000 Resource Recovery Revenue Bonds, Series 1996; $104,795,000 Sewer Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1998; $86,580,000 Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series 2003; $9,270,000 Second Guaranteed Entitlement Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1996; $22,985,000 Transportation Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 1998; $155,520,000 Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2000; and $26,620,000 Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series 2002

b. Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court Budget Request for Non-Court Related Expenditures for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2006-2007

c. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Florida Contraband Forfeiture Semiannual Report for the Period October 1, 2005 – March 31, 2006

d. Pinellas County Historical Society Annual Report

e. City of Dunedin Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Single Audit Report for FY Ended September 30, 2005

f. Quarterly Reports of Routine Dock Permits Issued from October 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005, and January 1, 2006 through March 31, 2006

g. Dock Fee Reports for the Months of March and April, 2006

17. Other Approvals:

a. General – None

b. Vouchers and Bills Paid

18. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. City of Clearwater Public Hearing Notices of Annexation, Land Use Plan and Zoning Atlas Amendments Regarding Ordinances Nos. 7607-06 through 7609-06, and Nos. 7637-06 through 7645-06 Held May 18, 2006 and to be Held July 20, 2006, Respectively

b. Correspondence from City of Pinellas Park Regarding Five Ordinances Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property; Public Hearing Held May 25, 2006

c. Town of Kenneth City Resolutions Nos. 06-09 through 06-12
Adopted April 26, 2006, Opposing Pinellas County Charter Review Commission Proposed Revisions as Follows: (1) Exclusion of Elected Officials from Future Charter Review Commissions, (2) Allowing Pinellas County Commission to Create Countywide Fire Standards, (3) Eliminating Dual Referendum Requirement, and (4) Proposed Provisions Relating to Annexation Policy

d. Eastlake Oaks Community Development District Minutes of Meeting Held February 9, 2006

e. Pinellas Park Water Management District Minutes of Regular Authority Meeting No. 6 Dated March 16, 2006, and Financial Statement for the Month of March 2006


Public Works

19. Approval to Release Funds Held as Completion Surety and Accept and Record Sidewalk and Private Street Sign Installation Guarantees

20. Approval of a Correction of Scrivener’s Error to Change Order No. 2 Final with Rowland Inc. for 115th Lane at Irving Avenue Drainage Improvements, 115th Lane Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU) Sidewalk, and Bay Ridge Terrace MSTU Resurfacing

21. Approval of an Award of Bid to Tagarelli Construction, Inc. for Construction of Sidewalk Improvements on 119th Street North from Ulmerton Road to Ridgecrest School


22. Approval of Change Order No. 2 Final, Acceptance of Contract as Complete, and Release of Retainage with Insituform Technologies, Inc. for Rehabilitation of Sewer District No. 114 Rebid

23. Approval of an Award of Bid with Controls & Weighing Systems, Inc. for Electronic Truck Scales


Economic Development Authority

24. Approval of an Award of Bid to Caladesi Construction Company for the STAR Center Building Northwest Site Improvement

Sixth Judicial Circuit Court

25. Approval to Declare Miscellaneous County-Owned Equipment Surplus and Authorize its Sale

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None 26. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court)


Public Works

approved 27. Approval of an Agreement for Exchange and a Temporary Construction Easement with Randy C. and Benetta Leigh Packer for Repairs to Martin Borrow Pit

approved 28. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreements with Mason Blau and Associates, Inc. and Plisko Architecture, P.A. for Ongoing Design Professional Services

approved 29. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement for Consultant Services with TBE Group, Inc. for Improvements to Bryan Dairy Road from Starkey Road to 72nd Street North

approved 30. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement for Geotechnical Engineering Consultant Services with Williams Earth Sciences, Inc. for Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge Replacements

approved 31. Approval of Change Order No. 1 Final, Acceptance of Contract as Complete, and Release of Retainage with Southwest Contracting, Inc. for Belleair Pond Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility

approved 32. Approval of Change Order No. 2 Final, Acceptance of Contract as Complete, and Release of Retainage with Oakhurst Construction Co. for the Sheriff’s Canine Training Facility


approved 33. Approval of an Award of Bid to Allied Universal Corp. for Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite

approved 34. Approval of Ranking of Firms and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Top Eighteen Ranked Firms for Multiple Year/Multiple Work Order Continuing Engineering Consultant Services

approved 35. Approval of a Local Agency Program Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for Gulf Boulevard (State Road 699) from Park Boulevard to Walsingham Road

Other Departments

public hearing 6/20/06 36. Approval of Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to the Animal Control Ordinance (Animal Services)

approved 37. Approval of a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for a Grant Award from Florida Communities Trust for the Wall Springs Coastal Addition III (Culture, Education and Leisure)

approved 38. Approval of a Concession License Agreement with United Park Services, Inc. for Concession Services at Fort DeSoto Park (Culture, Education and Leisure)

approved 39. Approval of the First Amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding with Florida Cooperative Extension Service, a Division of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences of the University of Florida to Establish a Regional Specialized Agent Position in Urban Environmental Sustainability (Culture, Education, and Leisure)

public hearing 7/11/06 40. Approval of Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing on Proposed Revisions to the Zoning Code Relating to Dumpsters (Environmental Management)

approved 41. Approval of a Second Amendment to Contract with Sunbelt Construction Services, Inc. for Boardwalk and Creek Crossings at Brooker Creek Preserve Environmental Education Center (Environmental Management)

approved 42. Approval of First Amendment to Contract with Linda M. Feltner Studios, LLC for Sign Making Services at Brooker Creek Preserve (Environmental Management)

approved 43. Approval of an Award of Bid to Ring Power Corporation and Adoption of a Resolution Regarding a Master Lease with Suntrust Leasing Corporation for a Generator Lease Program (Fleet Management)

approved 44. Approval of Second Amendment to the Lease Agreement with Roosevelt Park, Ltd. for the Office of Justice and Consumer Services (General Services)

approved 45. Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with the Juvenile Welfare Board to Establish the Health and Human Coordinating Council (Human Services)

approved 46. Adoption of a Resolution Appropriating Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the FY 2006 General Fund Budget for Unanticipated Brownfields Assessment Grant Funds for Economic Development (Management and Budget)

approved 47. Adoption of a Resolution Temporarily Waiving the Requirements of Section 6-47(a) of the Pinellas County Code for the Old Palm Harbor Main Street’s Fifth Annual Parrot Head Party Fundraising Event in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor (Planning)

48. Other Administrative Matters


49. Approval of Authority for County Attorney to Defend the Cases of:

approved a. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. v. Elizabeth Hayes, et al – Circuit Civil Case No. 06-3091-CI-13 – Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage

approved b. JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Patricia E. Brannen et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 06-3269-CI-13 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage

approved c. Elena Rosu v. Halime Berisha, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 06- 2656-CI-8 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving Judgment for Fines and Costs

50. Miscellaneous
approved Authority to initiate action in the case of Pinellas County versus JoEllen Janas, County Court Case No. 06-005010-CO-40

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approved 51. Approval of Acceptance of Resolution No. 06-3 by the Pinellas Planning Council Regarding Industrial Plan Categories and Interim Policy Guidelines


approved 52. Approval of Revisions to the EMS Billing Compliance Manual




a. Report by Building Department Assistant Director Jack L. Tipton re County's Permitting
b. Distribution of list of individuals under consideration for appointment to the Pinellas County Science Forum; and list of highlights of the County's recent environmental record.


54. Miscellaneous

Commissioner Seel

conveyed her thanks to several staff members for working together toward solving problems.

Commissioner Latvala

reported on a meeting with Don Ross re hurricane preparedness; and suggested he be invited to address the Board re same.  Chairman Welch indicated he will work with staff to determine the best way for this to be presented.

Commissioner Harris

provided water conservation tip re lawn irrigation and consumer tip re cell phone purchasing.

Commissioner Duncan

thanked County Administrator Spratt and Chairman Welch for arranging meeting with the Emergency Operations Center; noted new technology enabling Pinellas County residents to receive alerts on their cell phones in case of an emergency.

Chairman Welch

provided telephone number to register for the aforementioned emergency cell phone notification; related that the Drug Paraphernalia Task Force will report its recommendations to the Board on June 22nd; and indicated that he will attend the opening of Florida Avenue in Palm Harbor on June 10th.