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 Pinellas County BCC Meeting Results

Meeting Date April 17, 2007 * 3:03 p.m.






Temporarily Deferred

temporarily deferred

Public Hearing

public hearing

 Withdrawn withdrawn

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meetings of March 13 and March 20, 2007

2. Tampa Bay Water 2006 Annual Report, Reflections on Water

3. Other Approvals:

a. General - None

b. Vouchers and Bills Paid

4. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. City of Largo Notices of Public Hearings Regarding Ordinances Nos. 2007-18 and 2007-22 Held April 3, 2007, Annexing Certain Property

b. Correspondence from City of Pinellas Park Regarding an Ordinance Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property; Public Hearing Held April 12, 2007

c. Pinellas Suncoast Fire and Rescue Resolutions Nos. 2007-03 and 2007-04 Fixing the Rate of Non-Ad Valorem Assessments in Compliance with the Charter of the District and Amending the 2006/2007 Budget for the Purpose of Transferring Necessary Funds into an Expenditures Account, Respectively, Adopted February 20, 2007

d. Pinellas Park Water Management District Minutes of Regular Authority Meeting No. 5 Dated February 15, 2007, and Financial Statements for the Months of January and February 2007


Public Works

5. Approval of the Receipt and File Report of Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act Items Approved by the County Administrator for the Quarter Ending March 31, 2007

6. Approval of a Release of Maintenance Surety

7. Approval of an Award of Bid to Purvis Curbs Corporation for Forest Lakes Boulevard Sidewalk Improvements from State Road 580 to Tampa Road


8. Approval of a Second Amendment to Consent Order with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection For Town of Belleair Wastewater Collection/Transmission System Construction to Extend the Deadline for Completion

Other Departments

9. Approval of the Receipt and File Report of Items Delegated to the County Administrator for Approval (County Administrator)

10. Approval of an Award of Bid to Fowler White Boggs Banker P.A. for Office Space at 501 1st Avenue North, Suites 800 and 900, in St. Petersburg (Facility Management)

11. Approval of the Receipt and File Reports for the Quarter Ending March 22, 2007 (Management and Budget):

a. Law Enforcement Trust Fund for Payments to the Sheriff

b. Administrative Budget Amendments

12. Approval of the Receipt and File Report of Procurement Items Delegated to the County Administrator for the Quarter Ending March 31, 2007 (Purchasing)

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None 13. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court)


Public Works

approved 14. Approval of the Installation of Three Speed Humps within the Sunset Point Estates Subdivision

approved 15. Approval of Installation of Five Speed Humps Plus One Speed Hump Pending Future Studies within the Thunderbird Hill Subdivision

approved public hearing 5-15-07 16. Adoption of a Resolution for Expenditure of Funds and Approval of Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for the Creation of a Street Lighting District on Red Bird Court

approved 17. Approval of a Contract for Sale and Purchase and Charitable Donation of Real Property for the Keystone Road Improvement Project from U.S. Highway 19 to East Lake Road

approved 18. Approval of Change Order No. 4 with Skanska USA Building Inc. for Construction Management Services for the Jail Expansion Phase II Health Care Facility

approved 19. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with Ranon & Partners, Inc. for Professional Consulting Engineering and Architectural Services for the Pinellas County Jail Complex Master Plan

approved 20. Approval of Change Order No. 1 with SPC Construction Group for Annex Building Waterproofing

approved 21. Approval of Agreements with Fifteen Vendors for Pinellas County Public Works Department Roadways, Drainage, Structural, Site, and Traffic Engineering Consulting Services

Other Departments

approved public hearing 5-1-07 22. Approval of Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing on a Proposed Ordinance Amending Section 2-145, Pinellas County Code (County Administrator)

approved 23. Adoption of a Resolution to Approve Not-to-Exceed $1,200,000 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds by Florida Development Finance Corporation for a Printing Press and Ancillary Printing Production Equipment to the Benefit of Press Ex Inc. (Economic Development)

approved 24. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement with Environmental Research and Design, Inc. for Consultant Services for Design of Regional Stormwater Treatment Facilities for the Lake Seminole Alum Injection Project (Environmental Management)

approved 25. Adoption of a Resolution to Appropriate Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the FY 2007 General Fund Budget and Distribute Funds to the Pinellas County School Board Pursuant to Sections 122-3 and 122-4, Pinellas County Code and the Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act (Management and Budget)

approved 26. Adoption of a Resolution to Appropriate Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the FY 2007 General Fund Budget for the Paul Coverdell National Forensic Sciences Improvement Grant for the Medical Examiner (Management and Budget)

approved public hearing 5-15-07, 6-19-07 27. Approval of Authority to Advertise Public Hearings on a Proposed Updated Safety Harbor Downtown Community Redevelopment Plan and Proposed Establishment of a Redevelopment Trust Fund for the Expanded Area of the Redevelopment District (Planning)

28. Other Administrative Matters

approved a. Approval to Authorize Submittal of a Grant Application with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) for Intelligent Transportation Systems Operational Testing to Mitigate Congestion (ITS-OTMC).


approved 29. Approval of Authority for County Attorney to Defend the Cases of:

a. GTE Federal Credit Union v. Tracy G. Kirk, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 07-2443-CI-20 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Sewer and Water Lien

b. Wells Fargo Bank v. Sandra L. Donofrio - Circuit Civil Case No.
07-2860-CI-13 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Community Development Mortgage

temporarily deferred 4-24-07 30. Approval of Authority for the County Attorney to Initiate Foreclosure Action in the Case of Pinellas County v. Crest Capital, LLP and Milmarson Development Corporation, LLC for More Than $3,400,000 in State Housing Initiatives Partnership Funding (Withdrawn from April 3, 2007, BCC Meeting)

approved 31. Approval of a Stipulation and Settlement Agreement in a Formal Administrative Proceeding: Carillon Property Owners Association, Inc. and Carillon Property Owners’ Association II, Inc. v. Pinellas County Utilities, Department of Solid Waste Operations and State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection; FDEP File No. SWD/52/46742

None 32. Miscellaneous

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approved 33. Approval of a Third Amendment to Lease Agreement with The S.M. Stoller Corporation for Ground Space at the Young – Rainey STAR Center Industrial Waste Neutralization Facility



a. City of St. Petersburg initiative to annex properties in Feather Sound in consideration of road improvements; property owners association to vote on matter on Friday, April 20; staff directed to provide additional information re possible conveyance of road to County and report back to board on April 19, 2007.

b. Update re early estimated impacts of Senate bipartisan tax reform proposal; more information to follow on April 19, 2007.

c. Sunstar Paramedics Program won 2007 Governor’s Region 4 Sterling Showcase Award.

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approved 35. Approval of Two Appointments to the 2007 Pinellas County Cultural Council

36. Miscellaneous

a. Commissioner Morroni
Announces Feather Sound Children’s Park opening on April 22, 2007 at 4:00 P.M.; announces his son Michael will be inducted into Math Honor Society at Clearwater Central Catholic High School tonight.
b. Commissioner Harris
Presents water conservation tip.
c. Commissioner Welch
Presents update re Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST).
d. Commissioner Stewart
Presents updates re Heritage Village Volunteer Recognition Luncheon, new golf cart barn at Airco Golf Course, restroom at entranceway to Friendship Trail Bridge.

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6:30 P.M.


Gene Smith, St. Petersburg, re valuing artists.
Mary Kathy Moser, Bonnie Bay, re code enforcement issue CC0702561.




approved 37. Proposed Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Resolution Authorizing TEFRA Approval of Not-to-Exceed $14,500,000 Pinellas County Health Facilities Authority Healthcare Facilities Refunding Revenue Bonds (St. Mark Village Project), Series 2007 on Behalf of St. Mark Village, Inc.

approved 38. Proposed Resolution Approving the Revised Pinellas County Reclaimed Water Schedule of Rates, Fees, and Charges Retroactive to December 9, 1997

39. Planning and Zoning Applications Heard by the Examiner (Quasi-Judicial Hearings are Noted with a “Q” Prefix):

approved a. Q Z-4-9-06
Resolution Changing the Zoning Classification of a Parcel of Land Containing Approximately .5 Acre Located on the Southwest Corner of 46th Avenue North and 79th Way North, St. Petersburg, Page 300 of the Zoning Atlas as Being in Section 01, Township 31, Range 15 from C-1, Neighborhood Commercial to C-3, Commercial, Wholesale, Warehousing and Industrial Support and a Development Agreement for a Parcel Containing an Existing One-Story, 1,360 Square Foot (More or Less) Building, Upon Application of Jeffrey L. and Deborah J. Wiley through Thomas F. Cox, Esquire, Representative

approved b. Q Z-2-2-07
Resolution Changing the Zoning Classification of a Parcel of Land Containing Approximately .75 Acre Located on the West Side of 26th Street North Approximately 250 Feet South of 58th Avenue North (Street Address Being 5710 26th Street North, St. Petersburg), Page 786 of the Zoning Atlas as Being in Section 35, Township 30, Range 16 from C-2, General Retail Commercial and Limited Services to RM-12.5, Residential, Multiple Family-12.5 Units per Acre, Upon Application of Jia Huang through Kirk Donahue, Caldwell Banker Commercial, Representative


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