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Pinellas County BCC Meeting Results - March 18, 2003

Meeting Date March 18, 2003 * 3:07 p.m.






Temporarily Deferred


Public Hearing

PH Date



PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting Held on February 18, 2003.

2. Reports:

a. Friends of the Florida Botanical Gardens, Inc. Financial Statements - Cash Basis Dated September 30, 2001, with Independent Auditors' Report Thereon.

b. Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County Independent Auditor's Reports, Financial Statements, and Required Supplementary Information for the Year Ended September 30, 2002.

c. Tampa Bay Water Annual Financial Report and Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2002.

3. Other Approvals:

a. Recommendation that the Board of County Commissioners Approve the Write-off of $808.88 in Uncollectible Receivables (Returned Checks).

b. Vouchers and Bills Paid.

4. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. Correspondence from the City of Pinellas Park Regarding One Ordinance Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property, Public Hearing Held March 13, 2003.

b. City of Seminole Ordinances Nos. 1-2003 and 4-2003 Effective January 28, 2003, Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property.

c. City of Seminole Ordinances Nos. 12-2002 and 32-2002, Including Lists of Annexed Properties, Effective January 31, 2003.

d. One Item Related to Dock, Pier and Wharf Construction Contract Bonds.

e. Pinellas Park Water Management District Minutes of Regular Authority Meeting No. 4 Held January 16, 2003, Together with a Financial Statement Dated January 2003.


Public Works

5. Approval of an Award of Bid for Royal Palm Drive at Robin Road Storm Sewer Rehabilitation.


6. Approval of an Award of Bid for the 2003 Annual Contract for Sanitary Sewer Repair, Rehabilitation and Extensions.

Other Departments

7. Receipt and File of Items Delegated to the County Administrator for Signature (County Administrator).

8. Adoption of a Resolution for Assessment of Liens against Lands Cleared (Environmental Management).

9. Approval to Ratify the Grant Award for Creating a Culture of Integrity Project Submitted by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (Justice Coordination).

10. Approval of an Award of Bid for Landscape and Ground Maintenance, Beach Accesses (Park Department).

11. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Expenditure of Funds for the April 15, 2003, Partners in Public Service Volunteer Award Event (Public Affairs).

12. Approval of the Assumption of a Contract for the Group Sponsored Long Term Care Insurance Program (Purchasing/Personnel Department).


None 13. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court).


Public Works

+ 14. Approval of the Ranking of Firms and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate a Contract for Park Planning Services.

+ 15. Approval of Authority to Advertise for a Public Hearing Establishing a Slow
PH 05/06/03 Speed/Minimum Wake Zone in Tara Cay Channel.

+ 16. Approval of the Recommendation for the Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge Replacements.

+ 17. Approval of a Grant Agreement with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for Gulf Boulevard Improvements.


18. Approval of Award of Bids for:

W/D a. Plasma-Mass Spectrometer.

+ b. McKay Creek Wastewater Facility Demolition.

+ 19. Approval of Change Order No. 2 for the West Pinellas Transmission Mains.

+ 20. Approval of Change Order No. 3 (Final) and Release of Retainage Monies for the South Gulf Beaches Reclaimed Water Improvements.

+ 21. Approval of an Agreement for Program Management Services for the Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program.

+ 22. Approval of Agreements for Professional Engineering/Consulting Services for the Galvanized Pipe Replacement Program.

Other Departments

+ 23. Adoption of a Resolution Approving Project A2120939186 as a Qualified Applicant for the Qualified Target Industries Tax Refund Program for Fiscal Years 2005 - 2011 (Economic Development).

+ PH 04/15/03 24. Approval of Authority to Advertise for a Public Hearing on an Ordinance Amending Various Sections of the County Code and Land Development Code to Ensure Compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit for the Stormwater System (Environmental Management/County Attorney).

+ 25. Adoption of a Resolution Approving a Consent Order as a Final Settlement with Film Technologies, Inc. (Environmental Management).

+ 26. Approval of an Agreement for Design/Build Services for the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Training Facility (General Services).

TD 27. Approval of Amendment No. 3 to the Construction Management Agreement for the St. Petersburg Judicial Building Renovation Project (General Services).

+ 28. Approval of Change Order No. 1, Acceptance of Final Completion of, and Authorization to Release Retainage Monies for the General Construction Agreement for the Pinellas County Jail C-Barracks HVAC Renovation Project (General Services).

+ 29. Approval of Change Order No. 1, Acceptance of Final Completion of, and Authorization to Release Retainage Monies for the Construction Management Agreement for the Criminal Justice Center Shell Courtroom Build-Outs Project (General Services).

+ 30. Adoption of a Resolution Supplementing the Fiscal Year 2003 General Fund Budget for the Sheriff's COPS Grant for Integrity Training Program (Management and Budget).

+ 31. Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Dunedin to Purchase the
as amended St. Andrew's Links Golf Course (Park Department).

+ 32. Approval to Execute a Federally Funded Flood Mitigation Subgrant Agreement with the State and a Federally Funded Flood Mitigation Assistance Program Subgrant Agreement with the Grant Recipient (Planning).

+ 33. Adoption of a Resolution Granting Suwannee County, Florida, Adopt-a-County Status for the Purpose of Donating Surplus Property on a Priority Basis (Purchasing).

+ 34. Approval of a Non-Competitive Purchase of Legal Advertisement Services from the St. Petersburg Times (Purchasing).

+ 35. Approval of a Non-Competitive Purchase of Bathroom Tissue and Dispensers (Purchasing).

None 36. Other Administrative Matters.


+ 37. Authority for County Attorney to Defend Yira O. Hernandez v. Pinellas County, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 03-990-CI-15 - Allegations of Negligence and Personal Injuries as a Result of an Automobile Accident.

+ 38. Approval of Exhibit "A" for Special Counsel de la Parte and Gilbert.

None 39. Miscellaneous.



+ 40. Approval of Lease Agreement with Pace Technology, Inc. at the Young - Rainey STAR Center.



a. Health Department order re North County water quality.

b. 2003 Legislative Session.

c. Update of meeting with Clearwater and St. Petersburg re Traffic Signal Coordination.

d. Reorganization of County Agencies.

e. Joint meeting with BCC, MPO and PSTA scheduled for April 30, 2003 re transit governance.


TD 42. Approval of an Appointment to the Youth Advisory Committee.

+ 43. Approval of Re-Appointments to the Suncoast Health Council, Inc.

44. Miscellaneous.

a. Commr. Welch re youth group meeting scheduled for 03/18/03 with Representative Frank Peterman; Workforce Florida recommendations; update re WorkNet Executive Director position.

b. Commr. Todd re ITB and Gandy Board Oversight Committee scheduling conflict.

c. Commr. Stewart re press conference attended on 03/17/03 announcing official opening of desal plant (ribbon cutting ceremony to be scheduled in May).

d. Commr. Latvala re appointment of Lynn Stevens, Dunedin, as General Manager of desal plant; requested support from Commissioners re FAC agenda in Tallahassee.

e. Commr. Harris re Youth Advisory field trip to Tallahassee; update on Hospitality Advisory Committee meeting; water conservation tip re utilization of leftover water.

f. Commr. Morroni re field trip to Tallahassee with Youth Advisory Committee; attended opening of Friendship Trail Bridge (requested citizens to contribute to "Iron Rangers" located on the Friendship Trail Bridge to defray costs).

g. Commr. Seel re thank you letter from Tierra Verde about responsiveness of Community Association Board County representatives; update re meeting with Congressman Don Young re U.S. 19 priority list and Roosevelt Connector Speedway property; discussed BCC's request of the PPC to review the process of annexations by referendum.

Meeting recessed at 4:05 P.M. to reconvene at 6:30 P.M.

6:32 P.M.



Any Person Wishing to Speak at this Time (Excluding Issues on the Agenda or Previously Acted on by the BCC) Must Have a Card Filled Out and Turned in to Staff at the Administrative Table Located at the Front of the Board Room.

  • Peter White, Pinellas Park, re Consumer protection; Pinellas Park Recreation Department.
  • Cathy Corry, Clearwater, re Citizens Review Board; Pinellas County Corruption.
  • Kurt Lowe, Pinellas Park, re Citizens Review Board.
  • John Schestag, Ozona, re Pinellas County corruption.
  • Chris Hrabovsky, Tarpon Springs, re war and U.S. troops.
  • Bill Reed, St. Petersburg, re war concerns.
  • Early Sorenson, Dunedin, re war on terrorism.


The Procedure Used by the Board of County Commissioners in Conducting Public Hearings is to Have a Staff Presentation Followed by the Applicant Presenting the Specific Proposal. The Board Will Then Hear Comments From the Proponents Followed by Comments From the Opponents and a Staff Summary. The Applicant Will Then be Given an Opportunity to Close and the Board of County Commissioners Will Decide on the Matter. Please Refer to the Back of Your Agenda Copy for More Details on Guidelines for Time Limitations and Opportunities to Speak.


+ 45. TEFRA Hearing on Amending the Proposed Issuance of Pinellas County Industrial Development Authority Revenue Bonds in an Aggregate Principal Amount Not to Exceed $8,100,000 for PACT, Inc. (Ruth Eckerd Hall).

+ 46. Proposed Ordinance Authorizing the Chairman to Execute a Settlement Agreement with Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. and Sunus Corporation (Second Public Hearing).

47. Planning and Zoning Applications Heard by the Examiner:

WD a. Z/LU-2-12-02 (Withdrawn)
Application of Michele M., John and Neal Corteo through James White, White Development, Representative, for a Change of Zoning from CR, Commercial Recreation to CP-1, Commercial Parkway and Land Use Change from Residential Urban to Residential/Office/Retail on Approximately 3.33 Acres 330 Feet East of U.S. Highway 19 North on the North Side of Rita Lane (Street Address: 38313 U.S. Highway 19 North, Parcel ID No. 19-27-16-55638-000-0081).

X b. Z/LU-1-11-02
Application of The Wilder Corporation of Delaware, a Delaware Corporation, through Joel R. Tew, Esquire, Tew, Barnes and Atkinson, L.L.P., Representative, for a Change of Zoning from CR, Commercial Recreation to CP-1, Commercial Parkway (on the West 870 Feet) and RPD-10, Residential Planned Development - 10 Units Per Acre (on the Easterly Remainder of this Site Less the Preservation Area), Land Use Change from Residential Low Medium, Temporary Resort Facility Overlay and Preservation to Residential/Office/Retail (on the West 870 Feet) and Preservation, and a Developer's Agreement on Approximately 38.7 Acres on the East Side of U.S. Highway 19, 1,440 Feet South of Klosterman Road (Street Address: 37969 U.S. Highway 19 North, Parcel ID No. 19-27-16-00000-430-0400).