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 Pinellas County BCC Meeting Results

Meeting Date March 14, 2006 * 9:36 a.m.






Temporarily Deferred

temporarily deferred

Public Hearing

public hearing

 Withdrawn withdrawn


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



Any Person Wishing to Speak at This Time, Excluding Non-Public Hearing Items on the Agenda or Issues Previously Acted on by the BCC, Must Have a Yellow Card Completed and Given to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room. The Chair Will Call Each Speaker, One by One, to the Podium to be Heard. Each Speaker May Speak up to Three (3) Minutes.
JoAn Totty, Palm Harbor, re Palm Harbor street closures.


Any Person Wishing to Speak about a Public Hearing Item Shall Complete a Blue Card and Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room. The Procedure Used by the BCC in Conducting Public Hearings is to Have a Staff Presentation Followed by the Applicant Presenting the Specific Proposal. The BCC Will Then Hear Comments from the Proponents Followed by Comments from the Opponents and a Staff Summary. The Applicant Will Then be Given an Opportunity to Close and the BCC Will Decide on the Matter. Please Refer to the Back of Your Agenda Copy for More Details on Guidelines for Time Limitations and Opportunities to Speak.

1. Any Person Who Has Been Authorized to Represent an Organization with Five (5) or More Members or a Group of Five (5) or More Persons Shall Complete a Blue Card, Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room, and Should Limit Their Presentation to Ten (10) Minutes. It is Expected that Others in the Organization or Group Will Waive Their Time.

2. Any Other Person Who Wishes to Speak about a Public Hearing Item Shall Complete a Blue Card, Submit it to the Board Secretary at the Staff Table Located at the Front of the Board Room, and May Speak up to Three (3) Minutes. The Chairman Will Call Each Speaker, One by One, to the Podium to be Heard.


Pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 31182, Laws of Florida (1955), as Amended, it is the Policy of the Pinellas County WNCA that all Persons Giving Testimony on Matters Relating to Application for Dredge, Fill, or Dock Permits do so Under Oath. If You Wish to Make Statements or Give Testimony Concerning Any of the Water and Navigation Items, Please be Prepared to Stand and Take the Oath When Requested to do so by the Clerk.

approved 1. Dredge and Fill Application DF1666-05 Submitted by Town Shores Master Association, Inc./Gregg Fata, 3210 59th Street South, Boca Ciega Bay, Gulfport.

approved 2. Commercial Dock Application CA36539-05/Revised Submitted by Bay, LLC/William Blackwood, 627 Bay Esplanade, Mandalay Channel, Clearwater.

approved 3. Private Dock Application P35326-05/Revised Submitted by Dean Nichols, 119 Poinciana Lane, Intracoastal Waterway, Largo.

temporarily deferred 5-2-06 4. Multi-Use Private Dock Application M36389-05 Submitted by Sunset Cove/Mainstream America, Inc./Tony Fernandez, 536 Monterey Boulevard Northeast, Coffee Pot Bayou, St. Petersburg (Deferred from December 6, 2005, WNCA Meeting; to be Deferred to May 2, 2006, WNCA Meeting).


Consideration of the Following Proposals to Amend the Adopted Countywide Future Land Use Plan:



approved a. Case CW 06-4 – St. Petersburg (Deferred from February 7, 2006, CPA Meeting)
36.0 Acres Located on the East Side of Feather Sound Drive, Southeast of Earl Maize Park from Residential Low Medium and Preservation to Residential Low Medium, Preservation, and Water/Drainage Feature.

approved b. Case CW 06-11 – Dunedin
0.3 Acre Located on the West Side of Buena Vista Drive at the Westerly Terminus of Mira Vista Drive from Residential Urban to Recreation/Open Space.

approved c. Case CW 06-12 – Dunedin
1.7 Acres Located on the West Side of Edgewater Drive at the Westerly Terminus of Scotland Street from Community Redevelopment District to Recreation/Open Space.

approved d. Case CW 06-13 – Clearwater
7.0 Acres Located on the South Side of Union Street Approximately 650 Feet East of Highland Avenue from Residential Suburban to Residential Low Medium.



approved a. Case CW 05-65 – St. Petersburg (Deferred from February 7,2006, CPA Meeting)
23.0 Acres Generally Located on the North Side of 118th Avenue North, West of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North from Residential/Office General and Preservation to Residential/Office General with Activity Center/Primary Overlay and Preservation with Activity Center/Primary Overlay.

temporarily deferred 4-4-06 b. Case CW 06-9 – Pinellas County (Deferred from February 7, 2006, CPA Meeting; to be Deferred to April 4, 2006, CPA Meeting)
19.7 Acres Located on the South Side of Park Boulevard, Approximately 350 Feet West of 79th Street North from Residential Urban and Water/Drainage Feature to Residential Medium, Residential/Office/Retail, and Water/Drainage Feature.


approved 7. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Gary S. and Barbera L. Buffington for Lots 7 through 16 and a Portion of Michigan Avenue Right-of-Way in the Norma Mae Subdivision.

approved 8. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Rajesh V. and Devyani R. Patel for a Drainage Easement on Lot 24 in the Muirfield Subdivision.

approved 9. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Jenaro and Mary Ann Rojas for a Portion of Sandy Lane Right-of-Way in the Betty Lane Heights Subdivision.

approved 10. Proposed Ordinance Establishing the Community Housing Trust Fund Program.

approved 11. Proposed Ordinance Regarding the Ninth-Cent Fuel Tax.





12. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meetings of January 24 and February 7, 2006.

13. Reports:

a. Tampa Bay Water (A Regional Water Supply Authority) Financial Statements and Compliance Reports for the Years Ended September 30, 2004 and 2005.

b. Dock Fee Report for Month of January 2006.

14. Other Approvals:

a. General – None.

b. Vouchers and Bills Paid.

15. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. City of Clearwater Revised Public Hearing Notice of Amendments to Beach by Design Regarding Ordinance No. 7546-06, and Notices of Annexation, Land Use Plan and Zoning Atlas Amendments Regarding Ordinances Nos. 7591-06 through 7596-06 to be Held March 16 and April 6, 2006, Respectively.

b. City of Clearwater Resolution No. 06-14 Supporting the Continued Presence of Pinellas County Government Offices in Downtown Clearwater.

c. Resolutions Requesting Pinellas County to Fully Fund Cost of Undergrounding Utilities on Gulf Boulevard from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater Beach:

1. City of Indian Rocks Beach No. 2006-09 Adopted January 24, 2006.

2. City of Madeira Beach No. 05.25 Adopted January 10, 2006.

3. City of St. Pete Beach No. 2006-01 Adopted January 10, 2006.

4. City of Treasure Island No. 06-06 Adopted January 24, 2006.

5. Town of Redington Beach No. 2006-02 Adopted January 10, 2006.



16. Approval of Change Order No. 1 Final and Release of Retainage with American Water Services Underground Infrastructure, Inc. for 6 Inch – 12 Inch Sewer Cleaning and Televising Annual Contract 2003/2004.

Other Departments

17. Approval of a Grant Award with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration for the Mobile Medical Unit (Human Services).

18. Approval of Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 Budget Amendments Nos. 9, 10, and 11 (Management and Budget).



19. Approval of Acceptance of Receipt and File of Composite Annexation Report for Pinellas County FY 2000/01 – 2004/05.



None 20. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court).



approved 21. Approval of the Cancellation without Cause of Contract with Executive Management Services, Inc. for Cleaning Services.

Public Works

approved 22. Approval of an Agreement for Professional Engineering Services with Kisinger Campo & Associates Corp. for Fred Howard Park Bridge Replacement.


approved 23. Approval of Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with Florida Department of Transportation for Utility Relocation on State Road 688 (Ulmerton Road) West of U.S. Highway 19 to El Centro/Ranchero Boulevard.

Other Departments

approved 24. Adoption of the 2006-07 Federal Legislative Program (County Administrator).

approved 25. Adoption of a Resolution Approving Project A5060138552 as a Qualified Applicant and Identifying Sources of Local County Financial Support of This Project for the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program for Fiscal Year(s) 2007-2013 (Economic Development).

approved 26. Approval of a Purchase Authorization with Graybar Electric Company, Inc. for Electrical Products, Annual Requirements (General Services).

approved 27. Approval of a Third Amendment to Lease Agreement with Old Palm Harbor Main Street, Inc. (General Services).

approved 28. Adoption of a Resolution Regarding a Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Pinellas County (Human Services/County Administrator).

approved 29. Approval of the Pinellas County Baker Act Transportation Exception Plan for Adults (Human Services).

approved 30. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing Release of Pinellas County Welfare Liens against Real Property Issued for Expenditures Made by Pinellas County on Behalf of Recipients of County Welfare Assistance (Human Services).

approved 31. Approval of Addendum No. 1 to the Contract for Law Enforcement Services with the Sheriff and the City of Madeira Beach (Justice and Consumer Services).

approved 32. Approval of Pinellas County Human Services Connection Bus Program (Management and Budget).

approved 33. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the County Administrator to Seek an Opinion from the Attorney General’s Office Regarding the Sheriff’s Authority to Issue Tax Exempt Bonds (Management and Budget).

approved 34. Adoption of a Resolution Appropriating Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the FY06 General Fund Budget for Unanticipated Contract Revenue for the Sheriff (Management and Budget).

approved 35. Approval of a Purchase Authorization with Office Depot, Inc. for Office Supplies, Annual Requirements (Purchasing).

approved 36. Approval of Insurance Documents and Payments of Insurance Premiums (Risk Management).

37. Other Administrative Matters.
approved Resolution adopted to temporarily waive requirements of Pinellas County Code Section 6-47(A) for Thirsty Marlin Bar & Grill and Peggy O’Neill Irish Pub restaurants to hold a St. Patrick’s Day Festival on Florida Avenue between Alternate U.S. Highway 19 and 11th Street on March 17 and 18 from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor.


approved 38. Approval of Authority for County Attorney to Defend the Cases of:

a. Daniel Heatly v. Cpl. Bryant and Deputy Kaetzger, Individually and in Their Official Capacities, U.S. District Case No. 8:05-cv-01927-EAK-EAJ – Civil Rights Complaint.

b. Christopher E. Morris v. Everett Rice, et al – U.S. District Case No. 8:05-cv-1720-T-26MSS – Civil Rights Complaint.

c. Timothy Moulton v. Jim Coats, as Sheriff of Pinellas County, in His Official Capacity - Circuit Civil Case No. 04-91388-CI-11 – Allegations of Personal Injury as the Result of a Vehicle Accident.

d. Susan Pleso v. Pinellas County Sheriff – U.S. District Case No.
8:06-cv-00158-T-23-MAP – Allegations of Wrongful/Excessive Execution of a Search Warrant.

approved 39. Approval to Decline Request for Participation in Attorney General Opinion Process Regarding Indemnification and First Responder Insurance Coverage.

approved 40. Adoption of Resolution to Initiate Chapter 164, Florida Statutes Conflict Resolution Procedure Prior to Prosecuting a Claim against the City of Largo Regarding the City’s Failure to Abide by an Interlocal Agreement.

approved 41. Approval of Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy Blanket Bonds.

approved 42. Approval of Payment of an Honorarium to Members of the Pinellas County Public Employee Relations Commission for Participation in Future Meetings Retroactive to January 23, 2006.

approved 43. Approval of Ratification of an Expert Witness Services Letter Agreement with Economic Research Services, Inc. in Carol E. Rasor v. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office – U.S. District Case No. 8:04-CV-2060-T-30MAP.

approved 44. Approval of a Special Counsel Agreement with Leslie M. Conklin, Esquire for Representation of the Pinellas County Public Employee Relations Commission Retroactive to March 1, 2006.

approved 45. Approval of an Amended Contract for Legal Services with Carlton Fields, P.A. in Times Publishing Company v. Pinellas County - Circuit Civil Case No. 06-795-CI-13 Retroactive to February 21, 2006.

approved 46. Approval of a Medicare Program Routing Sheet Amending the Agreement with Walgreens Health Initiatives, Inc.

47. Miscellaneous.
Final drafts of 13 proposals for Charter Review Commission (CRC) completed for consideration at meeting of CRC on April 20, 2006.
Update re Dodge employment litigation – anticipated to be concluded sometime this week.





approved 48. Approval of a Lease Agreement with Cortec Corporation at the Young – Rainey STAR Center.


approved 49. Adoption of a Resolution Approving the State of Florida 2005-2006 EMS County Grant Application and Award.


public hearing 3-21-06 50. Announcement of a Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (or TEFRA)
Public Hearing Regarding Baycare Health System, Inc.


denied 51. Appeal of Private Dock Application P36710-05 Submitted by John P. Murphy, Jr., and Lora F. Murphy, 4124 85th Street North, Long Bayou, St. Petersburg.




a. Small Business Administration (SBA) at Mariners Cove Mobile Home Park today and Thursday to assist with low interest loans for residents who experienced loss due to February 3 storm; effort will move to Lealman Friday and Saturday at 54th Avenue and 58th Street North; and to Emergency Management office next Monday and Tuesday.

b Dave Casto, Emergency Management, and Kay Norred, Communications, to represent U.S. at international symposium on emergency preparedness in Istanbul, Turkey.

c. Status report re draft guidelines and policies re how to address conversion of industrial land; item to be presented at April 4, 2006 meeting.


53. Miscellaneous.

a. Commr. Morroni re trip to Tallahassee with Youth Advisory Committee
b. Commr. Seel re U.S. Highway 19 Pedestrian Task Force; pedestrian workshop on March 23 and 24 at Sunken Gardens; pedestrian safety session in Orlando at end of March; requests update from Commr. Morroni re issue of restaurants and small motels being priced out of business on beaches; requests initiation of a variance procedure re use of dumpsters by several properties; later in meeting, requests Planning Director Brian Smith to research funding matters re 118th Avenue project and present information at next week’s meeting.
c. Commr. Latvala re covered playground at Wall Springs Park.
d. Commr. Harris re trip to Tallahassee with Youth Advisory Committee; water conservation tip.
e. Chairman Welch re attendance at ITB in Berlin; March 16 work session cancelled; joint meeting with Tourist Development Council scheduled for March 23.


* * * *