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 Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Results

Meeting Date:
February 19, 2008 * 2:02 p.m.

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Public Hearing
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approved 1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of January 8, 2008.

approved 2. Reports:

a. Pinellas County Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Executive Summary Budget.

b. Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County Interim Financial Report (Unaudited) Dated December 31, 2007.

approved 3. Vouchers and Bills Paid

approved 4. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. Town of North Redington Beach Resolution No. 2008-155 Adopted January 10, 2008, Declaring January 20-26, 2008, Tampa Bay Hazardous Materials Awareness Week.

b. City of Pinellas Park Ordinance No. 3596 Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property.

c. Pinellas Park Water Management District Minutes of Regular Authority Meeting No. 3 Dated December 20, 2007, and Financial Statement for the Month of November 2007.


Public Works

approved 5. Approval of Termination of a Sewer Easement by General Release with Stephen P. and Janet O’Harrow in the Town of Sutherland Subdivision.

approved 6. Approval of County Incentive Grant Program Agreements with the Florida Department of Transportation and Adoption of Resolutions Authorizing the Contribution of Funds for Construction Activities and Intersection Improvement Projects for McMullen Booth Road at:

a. Drew Street

b. Enterprise Road

approved 7. Approval of Change Orders No. 1:

a. with Pepper Contracting Services, Inc. for 2008-2009 Countywide Americans with Disabilities Act Ramp, Sidewalk, Drainage, and Intersection Improvements.

b. Final, Acceptance of Contract as Complete, and Release of Retainage with Southern Roofing Company, Inc. for Extension Building Roof and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Replacement.


See Item No. 18 8. Approval of an Award of Bid to Rowland, Inc. for North County Phase 2B, Part 3, Reclaimed Water Distribution System in Ozona.

Other Departments

approved 9. Approval of Receipt and File Report of Items Delegated to the County Administrator for Approval (County Administrator).

approved 10. Approval of a Grant Agreement with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee for Belleair Boat Ramp Park Reconstruction Project (Culture, Education, and Leisure).

approved 11. Approval of an Agreement with Pinellas Cultural Foundation, Inc. for Program Enhancements and Special Projects for Cultural Programs (Culture, Education, and Leisure).

approved 12. Approval to Declare County-Owned Equipment Surplus and Authorize its Donation to: (Facility Management)

a. Polk County Health Department

b. Pinellas County School Board

approved 13. Approval of the Ranking of Firms and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Number-One-Ranked Firm for Purchase and Installation of, Training on, and Maintenance of an Automated Fueling and Accounting System (Fleet Management).

approved 14. Approval of a Staff Services Agreement with Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization for Professional Staff Planning Functions (Planning).

approved 15. Approval of an Award of Bid by Line Item to Eight Vendors for Road and Landscape Materials (Cooperative) (Purchasing).

approved 16. Approval of the Quarterly Receipt and File Report of Claim Settlements from October 1, 2007, through December 31, 2007 (Risk Management/County Attorney).


Unified Personnel System

approved 17. Approval of an Amendment to Realign Contract Dates with Standard Insurance Company for Group Long-Term and Short-Term Disability, Accessibility Services Office.

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18. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court).
approved Item No. 8 pulled from Consent Agenda for separate vote.



approved play video 19. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement for Consultant Services with LPA Group Incorporated for Terminal Building Schematic Design Phase.

Public Works

approved play video 20. Approval of Interlocal Agreements and Roadway Transfer Agreements with the City of Indian Rocks and the Town of Indian Shores for Advanced Traffic Management System/Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transfer of Traffic Control Authority, Respectively.

approved play video 21. Approval of Amendment No. 4 to the Agreement for Consultant Services with URS Corporation Southern for Widening of Park Street/Starkey Road (County Road 1) from Tyrone Boulevard to Bryan Dairy Road.

approved play video 22. Approval of a Contract for Sale and Purchase of Real Property with James Brent and Robin Marie Bronson for Keystone Road Capital Improvement Project from U.S. Highway 19 to East Lake Road.


approved play video 23. Approval of Change Order No. 1 to the Option of Renewal with QRC, Inc. for Water and Reclaimed Mains Installation Requirements (Rebid).

approved play video 24. Approval of a Second Amendment to the Agreement with Langham Consulting Services, Inc. for Customer Information System Consulting Services.

Other Departments

approved play video 25. Approval of Authority to Advertise a Notice of Intent to Adopt a Proposed Ordinance Establishing a Countywide Inclusionary Housing Program and Request for Public Comment (Community Development).

approved play video 26. Adoption of a Resolution Approving A7092558605 as a Qualified Applicant for the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program (Economic Development).

approved play video 27. Approval of an Agreement for Consultant Services with Ayres Associates Inc. for Starkey Basin Watershed Evaluation and Management Plan (Environmental Management).

approved play video 28. Approval of a Recommendation Reducing FY 2008 Financial Assistance Services by $100.00 Per Household, Effective February 25, 2008 (Health and Human Services).

play video 29. Other Administrative Matters

approved a. Approval of the Ranking of Firms and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Number-One-Ranked Firm for a Search Firm for Position of County Administrator (Unified Personnel System).


play video 30. Approval of Authority for County Attorney to Defend the Cases of:

approved a. U.S. Bank National Association v. Jerome Muetzel, et al - Circuit Civil Case No. 08-1135-CI-13 - Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Sewer and Water Lien.

approved b. Kenneth J. and Dolores Kania v. Diane Nelson in Her Capacity as Tax Collector, Pinellas County, Florida; Jim Smith in His Capacity as Tax Appraiser, Pinellas County, Florida; Pinellas County, Florida, a Subdivision of the State; Robert B. Stewart, Chairman, BCC; Nancy N. Bostick (sic) in Her Capacity as Chairperson, School Board - Case No. 8:08-cv-00057-T-17TGW - Challenge to the Florida Ad Valorem Tax Structure.

approved public hearing 03/11/08 play video 31. Approval of Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for a Proposed Ordinance Amending Pinellas County Code Section 46-34 Pertaining to Court Costs and Service Charges.

approved play video 32. Approval of a Revised Exhibit “A” to the Contract for Legal Services with Carlton Fields, P.A.

None play video 33. Miscellaneous

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play video 34. Industrial Land Study Update.

play video 35. Upham Beach Renourishment Update.

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approved play video 36. Approval of an Appointment to the Pinellas County Cultural Council

approved play video 37. Approval of an Appointment to the Youth Advisory Committee.

38. Miscellaneous

approved As Amended play video a. Approval of an Appointment to the Pinellas Park Water Management District.
Commissioner Morroni to serve as liaison.

play video b. Discussion about Pinellas County’s Moving Ordinance and Impact of Proposed State Legislation.

c. Commissioner Welch
described his experience at the Field of Flags service.
d. Commissioner Latvala
reported on citizens’ requests for two ordinances; will be in Tallahassee on February 20, 2008 re Cross Bar/AL-BAR.
e. Commissioner Morroni
re Bay Pines Health Care System Valentine’s Day program.
f. Commissioner Duncan
related that Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority will report at next week’s work session; and thanked Geographic Solutions, Inc. for recruitment program for residents of Pinellas Hope.
g. Commissioner Harris
provided water conservation tip.

h. Chairman Stewart
noted Job Corps groundbreaking to be February 21, 2008, at 1:00 P.M.

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6:30 P.M.



approved With Condition play video 39. Proposed Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Resolution for TEFRA Issuance of Not-to-Exceed $3,500,000.00 Pinellas County Educational Facilities Authority Revenue Bonds (Veritas Academy Project), Series 2008, on Behalf of Veritas Academy, Inc.

40. Proposed Resolutions Amending the City of St. Petersburg’s:

approved play video a. Tangerine Avenue Community Redevelopment Plan

approved play video b. Dome Industrial Park Pilot Project Redevelopment Plan

approved play video c. Amended 16th Street South Commercial Revitalization Plan

approved play video d. Bayboro Harbor Redevelopment Plan

approved play video e. Intown Redevelopment Plan

approved play video f. Intown West Redevelopment Plan

approved play video 41. Proposed Ordinance Establishing Pinellas County Historic Preservation.

42. Planning and Zoning Applications Heard by the Examiner (Quasi-Judicial Hearings are Noted with a “Q” Prefix):

approved play video a. Q CU-1-12-07
Application of Sunshine Property Partners, LLC, for an Amendment of a Previously Approved Conditional Use Request to Allow Specialized Light Industrial Uses (Medical Manufacturing of Cardiac Leads) in a Commercial Zoning District and to Allow Expansion of the Existing Building and a Two-Story, 40,000 Square Foot Additional Building on Site Located on a Parcel of Land Containing Approximately 7 Acres Located on the Southwest Corner of Klosterman Road and Palm Harbor Boulevard (U.S. Highway Alternate 19) in Palm Harbor.

approved play video b. Q Z/LU-3-12-07
Resolution Changing the Zoning Classification of a Parcel of Land Containing Approximately .2 Acre Located on the South Side of Lakeview Road 360 Feet East of South Highland Avenue (Street Address: 1515 Lakeview Road, Clearwater), Page 189 of the Zoning Atlas, as Being in Section 23, Township 29, Range 15, from R-3, Single Family Residential to P-1, General Professional Offices, upon Application of 1515 Lakeview Road, LLC and Blue Harbor Holdings, LLC, and an Ordinance Amending the Future Land Use Map of Pinellas County, Florida, by Changing the Land Use Designation of a Parcel of Land Containing Approximately .2 Acre Located on the South Side of Lakeview Road 360 Feet East of South Highland Avenue (Street Address: 1515 Lakeview Road, Clearwater) Located in Section 23, Township 29, Range 15, from Residential Low to Residential/Office-General, and Providing an Effective Date.

approved play video c. Q LU-4-12-07
An Ordinance Amending the Future Land Use Map of Pinellas County, Florida, by Changing the Land Use Designation of a Parcel of Land (Parcel A) Containing Approximately 6.4 Acres Located on the North Side of Feather Sound Drive (Clubhouse), (Street Address: 2201 Feather Sound Drive) with a Development Agreement to Include Parcels B and C Totaling 14.3 Acres, a Special Exception to Allow Overflow and Shared Parking Serving the Golf Course and the Proposed Development, Variances to Decrease the Minimum Setback Requirement for the Golf Course Clubhouse Structure to a Residential Structure from 150 to 50 Feet and to Decrease the Minimum Separation Requirement for Principal Structures from 34.5 to 17.5 Feet, and the Development Agreement to Extinguish Development Rights on Certain Defined Portions of the Applicant-Owned Property, and to Allow for Density Averaging of Residentially Designated Property Under Unified Control of the Applicant, and to Allow Development of 71 Units (Multi-Family), Four 6-Story Buildings, Building Height up to 74 Feet from Finish Floor Required Elevation Located in Section 02, Township 30, Range 16, from Commercial Recreation to Residential Low, and Providing an Effective Date, upon Application of Tristar-FS, LLC through E. D. Armstrong, Esquire, Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP and Ethel Hammer, Englehardt, Hammer & Associates, Inc., Representatives.

approved play video d. Q Z-2-12-07
Resolution Changing the Zoning Classification of Three Parcels of Land Containing Approximately 4 Acres Located on the Northeast Corner of Oakhurst Road and 74th Avenue North (Street Address: 7450 Oakhurst Road, Seminole), Page 282 of the Zoning Atlas, as Being in Section 29, Township 30, Range 15, from E-1, Estate Residential to R-R, Rural Residential, upon Application of Mary Brettner through Dan Porter, Representative.

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Hamilton Hanson, St. Petersburg, re Budgets.
Mark P. Klutho, Largo, re Stupidity, Waste.

43. play video ADJOURNMENT – 8:06 P.M.

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