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AGENDA – Regular Public Meeting Pinellas County
  Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
3:00 P.M. February 17, 2004

Approved approved
Denied denied
Temporarily Deferred temporarily deferred
Public Hearing public hearing
 Withdrawn withdrawn

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PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



1. Approval of Minutes:

a. Regular Meeting Held January 20, 2004.

b. Corrections to Minutes of January 6, 2004, Item No. 4-f, to Read "Proposal by the City of Clearwater"; and Minutes of July 9, 2002, Item No. 5, to Reflect "Legal Notice Published in the June 21, 2002 Issue of the St. Petersburg Times."

2. Reports:

a. Memorandum Dated January 23, 2004 Received from the Clerk of the Circuit Court Regarding Funds in the Amount of $16,328.93 Received from the State Office of Financial Services for Deposit to the County’s General Revenue Fund for Unclaimed Property as Identified by Florida Association of Court Clerks’ (FACC) Unclaimed Property Program, Together with a Copy of FACC Newsletter Article.

b. Juvenile Welfare Board Interim Financial Reports (Unaudited), Dated December 31, 2003.

c. Personnel Department Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2002-2003.

d. Pinellas Planning Council Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Year Ended September 30, 2003.

e. Pinellas County Florida, Tax Collector Financial Statements for the Year Ended September 30, 2003 (With Independent Auditors’ Report Thereon).

3. Other Approvals:

a. General – None.

b. Vouchers and Bills Paid.

4. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. Correspondence from the City of Pinellas Park Regarding One Ordinance Voluntarily Annexing Certain Property; Public Hearing to be Held February 26, 2004.

b. City of Safety Harbor Resolution No. 2004-01 Adopted January 20, 2004 Expressing Concerns Regarding Proposed Plans, Projects, and Air Traffic Associated with St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.

c. City of Hollywood, Florida Resolution No. R-2003-348 Adopted November 5, 2003 Supporting Local Sources First Policy Pertaining to Florida’s Water Resources.


Public Works

5. Approval of the Acceptance of an Easement for Recording.

6. Approval of the Ranking of Firms for Consultant Selection and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Number One Ranked Firm for Geotechnical Engineering Services on the Belleair Causeway Bridge Replacements.


7. Approval of the Confirmation of Emergency Expenditures and Authorization of Payments to:

a. Kamminga and Roodvoets, Inc. for Repair Services to Pump Station No. 22.

b. QRC, Inc. for Repair to 48” Water Main on Belcher Road South of East Bay Drive.

8. Approval of an Award of Bid to Bird Machine Company for Centrifuge Repair, Parts, and Preventative Maintenance.

9. Approval of an Option of Renewal Agreement with Kamminga and Roodvoets, Inc. for Sanitary Sewer Repair, Rehabilitation, and Extensions Annual Contract 2004.

Other Departments

10. Approval of the Receipt and File Report of Items Delegated to the County Administrator for Signature (County Administrator).

11. Adoption of a Resolution for Assessment of Liens against Lands Cleared (Environmental Management).

12. Approval of an Award of Bid to Linda Joyce Brown for the Lease of a Studio Apartment at St. Pete Beach (General Services).

13. Approval of Budget Amendments No. 44 for FY2003 and No. 4 for FY2004 (Management and Budget).

14. Approval of an Award of Bid to Gulf Coast Business Review for Advertising Delinquent Tax List (Purchasing/Tax Collector).



15. Approval of Change Order No. 1 for the Young-Rainey STAR Center Building 100 Waterproofing Watson II, Package No. 4.

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16. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court).
County Administrator Spratt introduced Ronald "Noah" Lagos as the new St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Director.


Public Works

approved 17. Approval of the Ranking of Firms for Consultant Selection and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Number One Ranked Firm for St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport Taxiway “M” Medium Intensity Lights.

approved 18. Approval of the Agreement with TBE Group, Inc. for Professional Engineering Services for Forest Lakes Boulevard Sidewalk Improvements.

temporarily deferred 19. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Guaranteed Maximum Price with W.G. Mills, Inc. for the Design/Building Services Agreement of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Training Facility.

approved 20. Approval of Change Order No. 1 with David Nelson Construction Co. for the Construction of Klosterman Road from U.S. Highway 19A to U.S. Highway 19.

approved 21. Approval of the Installation of Six Speed Humps on Oak Street between Whitney Road and Haines Bayshore Road.

approved 22. Approval of the Installation of Three-Way Stop Controls on 85th Lane North at 75th Place North, at 77th Avenue North, and at 78th Terrace North.

approved 23. Approval of the Real Property Acquisition of 8400 Bay Pines Boulevard, St. Petersburg for the Park Street/Starkey Road Project.

approved 24. Approval to Advertise for a Kick-Off Public Information Meeting for the Haines Road Reconstruction Project.


approved 25. Approval of Change Order No. 2 with Wharton-Smith, Inc. for the William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Improvements.

approved 26. Approval of Change Order No. 3, Final Payment, and Release of Escrow Funds Regarding the Joint Project Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for Utility Relocation on Blind Pass Road (State Road 699) from 75th Avenue to 93rd Avenue.

approved 27. Approval of an Agreement for Professional Consulting Services with Ash Engineering, Inc. for the Capri Isle 16” and 24” Water Main Replacements.

approved 28. Approval of the Ranking of Firms for Consulting Engineering Services at the Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Firm for Operator Procurement Assistance.

approved 29. Approval of the Ranking of Firms for Consulting Engineering Services at the Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility and Authorization for Staff to Negotiate with the Firm for Independent Consulting Engineering Services.

approved 30. Approval of an Agreement for Engineering Services for the Study and Design for the Replacement/Rehabilitation of Redington Beach Pump Stations Nos. 76, 77, and 78.

Other Departments

approved 31. Approval of Authorization to Advertise a Second Public Information Meeting for the Pop Stansell Boat Ramp Upgrade Project (Culture, Education, and Leisure).

approved 32. Approval of a Partial Award of an Air Pollution Control Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Management).

approved 33. Approval of an Amended and Restated Declaration of Reciprocal Easement and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (General Services).

approved 34. Approval of a Concession License Agreement Form for Roving Beach Concession Services at Sand Key Park, Establish a Minimum Base Bid, and Authorize Advertisement (General Services).

approved 35. Approval of the Third Amendment to the Agreement for Management and Maintenance of the North Pinellas Historical Museum with the Palm Harbor Historical Society, Inc. (General Services).

approved 36. Approval of the Lease with HK New Plan Skyway Plaza for the Tax Collector (General Services).

approved 37. Approval of a Jail Diversion Program Mental Health Services Agreement with WestCare Florida (Justice and Consumer Services).

approved 38. Approval of a Jail Diversion Program Mental Health Services Agreement with Suncoast Center for Community Mental Health, Inc. (Justice and Consumer Services).

approved 39. Approval of a Jail Diversion Program Mental Health Services Agreement with Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services, Inc. (Justice and Consumer Services).

approved 40. Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with Bob Dillinger, Public Defender for the Sixth Judicial Circuit for Administration of Funds for the Jail Diversion Program (Justice and Consumer Services).

approved 41. Adoption of a Resolution to Appropriate Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the Fiscal Year 2004 Capital Projects Fund (Management and Budget).

approved 42. Approval of the Second Amendment to the Contract with Maguire Associates of Virginia, Inc. for Cost Allocation Plan Consultant Services (Purchasing/Information Technology).

43. Other Administrative Matters.

a. Announced TEFRA Public Hearing to be held March 9, 2004 re Bayfront Medical Center, Inc.


approved 44. Authority to Initiate a Small Claims Action on Behalf of Sunstar against the Estate of Robert F. Stewart for Unpaid Ambulance Bills.

approved 45. Approval of the Release of Lien against Ellis Huewitt, Sr.

approved 46. Authority to Retain Zinober & McCrea in the Matter of the Estate of Earlvin Todd Neal, by and Through its Personal Representative, Angela Mica Neal v. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Everett S. Rice, Individually, and Michael C. Borland, Individually – Case No. 8:03-CV-247-T-17MAP.

None 47. Miscellaneous.



approved 48. Approval of an Application for Federal Assistance with the U.S. Department of Energy for Additional Grant Funds for Infrastructure Improvements to the Young-Rainey STAR Center.

approved 49. Approval of Amendment 14 to the Lease Agreement with Raytheon Company.

approved 50. Approval of Amendment 15 to the Lease Agreement with Raytheon Company.



approved a. Update re Clearwater Courthouse Food Concession; authority granted to proceed with negotiating contract similar to Hillsborough County.

approved b. Approval of motion to reaffirm Board's position re June 2003 request to the Pinellas Planning Council (PPC) to amend the planning area boundaries for Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, Kenneth City and Seminole; Chairman requested that a joint meeting of BCC and PPC be scheduled.


52. Miscellaneous

Commissioner Harris Introduced new Executive Internship Program student Kevin Reilly; requested that Chief Assistant County Administrator Gay Lancaster follow up on questions re available space for Guardian Ad Litem program; and reported on Pinellas County average daily water consumption per person/per day lower than national average.
Commissioner Morroni Re tour of Bayflite Communications Department.
Commissioner Seel Appointment of Herbert Thompson to Feather Sound Municipal Taxing Unit.
Commissioner Welch Requested Chairman write a letter to Department of Children and Family services re foster care situation; thanked staff for tour of St. Petersburg Judicial Complex.
Commissioner Latvala Reaffirmed scheduling of joint meeting between PPC and BCC.

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6:30 P.M.

Presentation re Joey Bergsma Retinoblastoma Awareness Month Proclamation to Pam Bergsma.
Youth Advisory Committee update by Daniel Holm.


H. Patrick Wheeler, Palm Harbor, re Parking
John Savas, Largo, re fluoridation
Mark P. Klutho, re waste, stupidity
Pamela Borres, Pinellas Park, re spay/neuter (cats/dogs)
Elka Zwick, St. Petersburg, re Pinellas County Animal Services
Shelayh Inglesby, St. Petersburg, re spay/neuter (cats/dogs)
Jim Gisondi, St. Petersburg, spay/neuter (cats/dogs)
F. J. Burr, Clearwater, re retarded clients group home

Any Person Wishing to Speak at this Time (Excluding Issues on the Agenda or Previously Acted on by the BCC) Must Have a Card Filled Out and Turned in to Staff at the Administrative Table Located at the Front of the Board Room.


The Procedure Used by the Board of County Commissioners in Conducting Public Hearings is to Have a Staff Presentation Followed by the Applicant Presenting the Specific Proposal. The Board Will Then Hear Comments From the Proponents Followed by Comments From the Opponents and a Staff Summary. The Applicant Will Then be Given an Opportunity to Close and the Board of County Commissioners Will Decide on the Matter. Please Refer to the Back of Your Agenda Copy for More Details on Guidelines for Time Limitations and Opportunities to Speak.


approved 53. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Steven S. McEnerney for an Irregularly Shaped Portion of a 20-Foot Wide Utility Easement Containing 528 Square Feet on Lot 47, Whispering Lakes Subdivision, Located in the Northwest Quarter of Section 13, Township 27 South, Range 16 East.

approved 54. Proposed Ordinance to Amend the Pinellas County Code Creating a Section Regarding the Form of Citizens’ Initiative Petition to be Used in Proposing Amendment to the County Charter.

approved 55. Acquisition of the City of Belleair Beach Wastewater Collection System.

2nd public hearing 3/9/04 56. Proposed Resolution to Designate the Young-Rainey STAR Center as a

2nd public hearing 3/9/04 57. Proposed Ordinance to Amend the Pinellas County Code Relating to Residential Use Buffer Distances and Solid Waste Disposal Facilities.

58. Planning and Zoning Applications Heard by the Examiner:

temporarily deferred a. Z/LU-1-1-04.
Application of John J. Bennett for a Change of Zoning from C-2, General Retail Commercial and Limited Services District and R-3, Single Family Residential to CR, Commercial Recreation and Land Use Change from Residential Low to Commercial Recreation on Approximately 0.201 Acre Located on the West Side of Bayshore Drive, 130 Feet South of Bay Street (Parcel ID No. 10-28-15-12816-001-1100).

approved b. Z-2-1-04.
Application of American Housing Corporation for a Change of Zoning from R-6, Mobile Home Parks and Subdivisions to R-3, Single Family Residential on Approximately 0.138 Acre on the North Side of 103rd Avenue North, 303.9 Feet East of 62nd Street North (Parcel ID No. 17-30-16-60835-000-2050).

Continued 30 days c. Z/LU-4-1-04.
Application of Edmund S. Whitson, Jr. for a Change of Zoning from RR, Rural Residential to P-1, General Professional Office and Land Use Change from Residential Low to Residential/Office General on Approximately 0.793 Acre on the North Side of Belleair Road, 495.11 Feet East of South Highland Avenue (Parcel ID No. 23-29-15-00000-340-0500).

approved d. LU-1-6-03.
Application of Charles Eugene Creel, Sr. for a Change of Land Use from Residential Low Medium to Commercial General and a Developer’s Agreement on Approximately 1.26 Acres, 450 Feet West of U.S. Highway 19, 311.6 Feet South of Central Avenue (Parcel ID No. 30-29-16-55044-000-0020).


Pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 31182, Laws of Florida (1955), as Amended, it is the Policy of the Pinellas County Water & Navigation Control Authority that all Persons Giving Testimony on Matters Relating to Application for Dredge, Fill, or Dock Permits do so Under Oath. If You Wish to Make Statements or Give Testimony Concerning any of the Water & Navigation Items, Please be Prepared to Stand and Take the Oath When Requested to do so by the Clerk.

denied W/O Prejudice 59. Multi-Use Dock Application M33664-03/Revised Submitted by Richard Ladd/DR Horton Homes, 5200 - 4th Street South, Little Bayou, St. Petersburg
(Continued from January 20, 2004 BCC Agenda).


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