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 Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Results

Meeting Date:
February 3, 2009 * 9:30 a.m.

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Temporarily Deferred
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Public Hearing
public hearing

play video INVOCATION
play video PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the Flag of the United States of America



approved play video 1. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Pinellas County for a Fifty Foot Strip of Georgia Avenue Right-Of-Way Lying South of the Westerly Prolongation of the North Line of Lot 16, Block G, Dixie Park Unit 1, Tarpon Springs (Legislative Hearing)

approved play video 2. Petition to Vacate Submitted by Gerald Martin Sebastian for a Portion of a Six Foot Easement in Lots 18 and 19, Curlew Groves Unit One Subdivision (Quasi-Judicial Hearing)

approved play video 3. Proposed Change to Make Henry Lane a One Way Roadway from North Bound Crystal Beach Avenue to Ohio Avenue

approved play video 4. Proposed Ordinance Amending Section 54-1 of the Pinellas County Code and Creating Section 54-2 Regarding False Alarms


2nd public hearing 2/17/09 play video 5. Proposed Ordinance Amending the Countywide Rule Regarding Consistency (First Public Hearing)

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Lenore Faulkner, Madeira Beach, re Pinellas County Schools Education Cancer.
Mark Klutho, Largo, re Stupidity, Waste.

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play video C. CONSENT AGENDA


approved 6. Approval of Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 6, 2009

approved 7. Reports:

a. Clerk of the Circuit Court Special – Purpose Financial Statements, Required Supplementary Information, Other Financial Information and Other Reports for the Year Ended September 30, 2008, with Summarized Financial Information for the Year Ended September 30, 2007

b. Internal Audit Division, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Report No. 2008-17 Dated December 30, 2008 – Audit of Facility Management and Fleet Management Property Disposition Function

c. Internal Audit Division, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Report No. 2008-18 Dated December 30, 2008 – Follow-Up Audit of Pinellas County Take-Home Vehicles and Internal Controls Over Fuel Distribution System

d. Dock Fee Report for the Month of December 2008

e. Quarterly Report of Routine Dock Permits Issued from October 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008

approved 8. Vouchers and Bills Paid

approved 9. Miscellaneous Items to be Received for Filing:

a. Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue Resolution No. 2008-10 Adopted December 16, 2008, Rescinding Resolution No. 2008-01 Ab Initio for the Purpose of Rescinding the Inclusion of Certain Previously Tax Exempt Properties on the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment Roll of the Fire District

b. City of Indian Rocks Beach Resolution No. 2008-91 Adopted December 9, 2008, Supporting an Amendment to the Florida Constitution Requiring the Florida Legislature to Operate Under the Florida Government in the Sunshine Laws

c. City of Oldsmar Notice of Public Hearings Regarding Ordinance No. 2009-01 Annexing Certain Property; Public Hearing Held January 20, 2009

d. Pinellas Park Water Management District Minutes of Regular Authority Meeting No. 2 Dated November 20, 2008, and Financial Statement for the Month of November 2008


Public Works

See Item No. 17 10. Approval of an Award of Bid to Design Build Engineers & Contractors,
Corp. for Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 Sidewalk Repair and Replacement


approved 11. Approval of Awards of Bid to:

a. Kimmins Contracting Corp for Pump Station Replacements, Group 1 – Pump Station Nos. 116, 119, and 161

b. T.L.C. Diversified, Inc. for Pump Station Rehabilitations, Group 1 – Pump Station Nos. 021, 051, and 157

c. Key Chemical, Inc. for 25% Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Solution

Other Departments

See Item No 17 12. Approval of the Ranking of Firms and Authorization for Staff to
Negotiate with the Number One Ranked Firm for Software
Implementation, Rebid (Health and Human Services)

approved 13. Approval of the Receipt and File Report of Write-Offs for Accounting Purposes of Items Delegated to the County Administrator for Approval from April 1, 2008, through September 30, 2008 (Management and Budget)

approved 14. Adoption of a Resolution Appropriating Earmarked Receipts for a Particular Purpose in the FY 2009 General Fund Budget for the 2008 Paul Coverdell Forensic Sciences Improvement Grant to the Medical Examiner (Management and Budget)

approved 15. Adoption of a Resolution Appropriating Unanticipated Fund Balance in the FY 2009 General Fund Budget for the Medical Examiner (Management and Budget)

approved 16. Approval of the Quarterly Receipt and File Report of Claim Settlements from October through December 2008 (Risk Management/County Attorney)

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17. Items for Discussion from Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court)
approved Items Nos. 10 and 12 pulled from Consent Agenda for discussion and separate vote.


Public Works

approved play video 18. Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Seminole for Advanced Traffic Management System/Intelligent Transportation Systems and Roadway Transfer Agreement to Transfer Traffic Control Authority

Other Departments

approved play video 19. Adoption of the 2009-2010 Federal Legislative Program (County Administration)

approved play video 20. Approval of a Grant Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems, Beach Management Funding Assistance Program for Upham Beach Nourishment (Environmental Management) (Companion Item No. 21)

approved play video 21. Approval of Amendment No. 5 to Agreement for Consultant Services with Coastal Planning & Engineering, Inc. for Treasure Island, North Segment and Long Key, North Segment Beach Nourishment Projects (Environmental Management) (Companion Item No. 20)

approved play video 22. Approval of a Memorandum of Agreement with FDEP, Division of Recreation and Parks for Honeymoon Island Beach Restoration Project (Environmental Management) (Companion Item Nos. 23 and 24)

approved play video 23. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the FDEP Agreement with Humiston & Moore Engineers, P.A. for Honeymoon Beach Restoration (Environmental Management) (Companion Item Nos. 22 and 24)

approved play video 24. Approval of Amendment No. 5 to the Grant Agreement with FDEP for Honeymoon Island Beach Restoration Project (Environmental Management) (Companion Item Nos. 22 and 23)

None play video 25. Other Administrative Matters


approved play video 26. Approval of Authority for the County Attorney to Defend the Cases of:

a. Hudo Lending, LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company v. Key Largo Communities Corp., et al – Circuit Civil Case No. 08-012380-CI-15 – Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Utilities Lien Notice

b. JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association v. Mary E. Tussing, et al – Circuit Civil Case No. 08-18223-CI-19 – Mortgage Foreclosure Involving a Street Paving Assessment Resolution

approved play video 27. Approval of a Recommendation of Settlement in an Environmental Enforcement Case and Approval of Authority to Intervene as a Party

approved play video 28. Approval of a Recommendation of Settlement in Beaver Keith Gamble v. Pinellas County Government – Workers’ Compensation Date of Accident(s): March 11, 2006, May 11, 2007, and June 27, 2007

play video 29. Miscellaneous
Attorney Bennett advised that Pinellas County and the City of St. Petersburg will work together and attempt to avoid litigation regarding the issue of EMS First Responder Funding.

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approved play video 30. Approval of the State and Local Government Master Lease Purchase Agreement and Pinellas County Standard Agreement with Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company for Purchase or Lease of Computer Equipment

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approved play video 31. Proposed Study Parameters – Legislative Fire and Rescue Study



play video 32. Miscellaneous

a. Commissioner Brickfield



requested an update re development at the Toytown Site and Bear Creek; requested information re the Commission’s neutrality on local bills.

appointment of Michael C. Arnold to the Swimming Pool Board for Examining, Adjustments, and Appeals.
b. Commissioner Morroni requested that Administrator LaSala contact the Feather Sound Alliance re Neighborly Senior Services.
c. Commissioner Seel congratulated Airport Director Noah Lagos and thanked United Parcel Service for their efforts regarding implementation of the new Airport approach.
d. Chairman Harris provided information regarding the Tourist Development Council and its efforts relating to the Super Bowl; provided a water conservation tip.

play video ADJOURNMENT – 11:39 A.M.

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