eTownHall Troubleshooting Guide

Pinellas County’s eTownHall has been extensively tested to maximize usability from a variety of computer types, operating systems, browsers, etc., but if you are experiencing problems, the following information is offered as a potential self-help resource.

If an issue were to occur for a user, the potential problem would be with the video or the blog components. This guide is divided to distinguish the self-help information for each area.



The video window, viewable on the left-hand side of the eTownHall Web page, should auto-start. However, you can override the auto-start feature by selecting stop/start or just clicking on the video window to toggle the start/stop function. Pause is not applicable because it’s real-time live streaming video.
Viewing video via your computer is dependant on the following:

If you are multitasking on your computer, those other unrelated functions could be competing for your computer resources, including bandwidth. Close anything you don’t absolutely need.

Also, if the security settings/firewall on your computer are set to a high security level, it’s possible at some point that the video could be blocked. We are not advising that you change any settings on your personal computer. This is simply listed as a possible reason for the problem.
The computer must have a recent version of Flash installed. The program is free and typically comes preinstalled on most computers.

To hear the presentation in the video window, the computer needs to have sound (most come with built-in speakers). If you are having trouble hearing the presentation, check to see if the audio is set to mute or set so low you can’t hear it.



The blog, viewable on the right-side of the eTownHall Web page, utilizes a free internet-based application called CoveritLive. The following information does not constitute endorsement of the product but is provided as a self-help resource for troubleshooting possible problems.


How your local conditions can impact CoveritLive’s performance

Keep the number of open browser windows to a minimum as well as the number of other open applications.  Everything you do on a computer uses resources (bandwidth, memory, processor time). You will have the best results during the live event when you close anything you don’t need to have running.
Ensure that you have a reasonably good Internet connection. A wireless connection is fine to use. 

Your Web browser needs to be a reasonably recent version. It does not require the newest and best browser, but it never hurts to make sure it is reasonably up to date.

If the blog appears to be stuck, try using your Refresh button.  Pressing Refresh is always a good first option to diagnose many problems.