Sally Bishop

Department of Emergency Management

Sally Bishop’s experience is a culmination of more than two decades of emergency planning and disaster response and operations in the field. Bishop, a 20-year veteran of Emergency Management, has been the director of Pinellas County Emergency Management since January, 2008. She started with Emergency Management in 1986 and has worked numerous storm, disaster and recovery efforts, including: Storm of the Century, 1993; Severe Weather Incident, 1991; Tropical Storm Keith, 1988; Hurricane Floyd, 1987; and Jones Chemical Fire, 1986. Bishop also has 11 years experience at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Bishop has spearheaded the development and refinement of numerous county programs and operations, including the Hurricane Evacuation Implementation Guide, Special Needs Evacuation Program and the county’s disaster recovery operations. Bishop and her team are responsible for the county’s comprehensive emergency management plans, their advancement and implementation.

David Howdeshell

Plumbing and Mechanical Section Chief
Building and Development Review Services

David Howdeshell began with Pinellas County Building and Development Review Services (BDRS) in September 2000. Howdeshell is the BDRS Emergency Management Coordinator and has been tasked with updating the BDRS Emergency Response Standard Operating Guide and Damage Assessment procedures.

Howdeshell is also involved in the Pinellas County Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan Update via the Land Use Work Group, Housing and Mitigation Work Group, and Construction Permitting and Mitigation Work Group.

Howdeshell holds several State of Florida contractor, inspector, and plans examiner licenses. Prior to joining county staff, Howdeshell worked 38 years in the construction industry as a contractor.


LynnE McChristian

Florida Representative
Insurance Information Institute

Lynne McChristian joined I.I.I. in April 2008, following more than 14 years working in the Florida office of USAA, the highly-regarded insurance and financial services company that primarily serves members of the U.S. military and their families. Prior to joining USAA, she was a public relations manager for a Florida-based workers’ compensation insurance company.

The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to provide insurance education so consumers can make informed decisions. The organization also provides resources and statistical data to explain what is behind current insurance events and trends.


Daniel Noah

Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service, Ruskin

Daniel Noah has been a meteorologist with the National Weather Service for 20 years. He received his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from the University of North Dakota where he worked on research involving aircraft icing and microbursts. Dan has forecast tornadoes in Wisconsin, blizzards and 46 below temperatures in North Dakota, and has enjoyed the challenges of forecasting tropical meteorology in Florida for the past 8 years.

Dan has experienced firsthand the power of hurricanes during a damage survey in Houston for 2008 Hurricane Ike, and while forecasting on-site for emergency management in Fort Myers, FL when 2004 Hurricane Charley and 2005 Hurricane Wilma blew through. Dan has been a member of the Florida Governor`s Hurricane Conference Program Committee since 2006 where he works to organize and moderate trainings and workshops to educate others about the impacts of hurricanes and to promote changes to NWS hurricane products and services. Dan earned his Florida Professional Emergency Manager certification in 2007 and graduated from the FEPA/FDEM Emergency Management Academy in 2009.


Tom Iovino

Communications Specialist
Pinellas County Communications

Tom Iovino is the primary public information contact in the county for emergency matters. He is fully compliant in the Federal National Incident Management System (NIMS) and has been trained at the National Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Tom has provided public education and information support to Emergency Management through 16 storm activations, wildfires, large scale accidents, the H1N1 flu outbreak and other emergencies.

Iovino has produced a number of education and preparation videos including Shuttering your Home, a half-hour instructional video on how to protect a home’s windows using plywood. He has received numerous public information and education awards from the National Hurricane Conference and the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference.

Iovino is an instructor at the Governor's and National hurricane conferences and instructs basic PIO classes through the state’s emergency training program.