Thursday, August 26
7 p.m.

The eTownHall blog opens for your questions about hurricanes on August 23, 8 a.m.

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Surviving the Storm: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

We live in an area with a lifestyle we love, but Pinellas County is also an area that is vulnerable to hurricanes. The key to surviving the storm is preparedness. Individuals, families, businesses, governments, organizations … we all need to have an emergency plan and make our preparations early so that when an evacuation order is given, everyone is ready to put their plan into action.

Preparations include packing a hurricane kit, gathering personal items, pre-registering for pet shelters, finding host homes and more. There are many aspects to preparing for a storm that are easy to address if done early.

Our goal for the live eTownHall meeting on Thursday, Aug. 26, will be to answer as many questions as possible. Our panel of experts can address such issues as:

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For information on how to prepare for a storm, visit Pinellas County Emergency Management.