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Instructions for Reporting a Manatee Sighting

Quick Instructions

1. Enter the Mantee Sightings Map by clicking here.

2. Once the application opens you will see the county aerial centered with the user manatee points sounding the peninsula. Zoom and Pan to the area where you spotted the manatee.

3. To start entering manatee points select the Editor Button image of an Editor button at the top of the screen on the left.

4. From the left side select the word "Pending" that has a yellow Manatee icon above to activate the tool.

5. Go to the map and click in the area that approximates the location of the manatee. When a new window appears, fill in the requested information as accurately as possible, or simply leave the fields blank.

6. Click the “X” at the top right of the pop-up to finish the point addition.


Complete Instructions