Pinellas County Management and Budget
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Pinellas County
Management & Budget

 509 Street East Ave,
Clearwater, Fl 33756
(727) 464-3596
fax: (727) 464-4405
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FY2007 through FY2012 Capital Improvement Program Detail

(Please note all of the individual pages are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download from the following link:  Adobe Reader Link.)

The FY2007 through FY2012 Capital Improvement Program is divided into four main sections: General Information, Governmental Projects, Enterprise Projects, and Appendix.  Links to each individual section can be found in the table below.  Within the Governmental and Enterprise sections, sections are sorted by Function area.  Within each Function area, projects are sorted by Activity, Category (if any), and in alphabetical order.  If you have difficulty finding a project, please check the Table of Contents, Project Index, or contact the Office of Management & Budget at 464-3596.

BCC Information

Table of Contents


summary of Resources
Summary of appropriation


Culture & recreation
Economic environment
General government
physical environment
public safety
non-Project items


physical environment
Non-Project Items


Summary of changes
project index by project title
project index by project identification number
project index by function/Activity/Category
CIP Maps




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