Pinellas County Management and Budget
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Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Information

Note:  The following documents require Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files.  Click on the link below to download free Acrobat Reader.Download Free Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files

County Administrator's Budget Message - The budget message includes the following items:

  • Transmittal letter from the County Administrator to the Board of County Commissioners presenting the budget document.

  • Budget Overview

  • Budget Policies

  • Issues and Fee Changes Recapitulation

  • Impact of Article V / Revision 7 Implementation

  • Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU) budget

  • Summary of Budgets

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

FY2005 Budget Summary  - This document contains a series of charts and tables that present the budget in an aggregated fashion together with various economic and population trend data for Pinellas County.  

FY2005 Executive Budget - This document contains high-level budget information as well as narrative and service level measures.

FY2005 Annual Operating and Capital Budget - This is the detail ("line item") budget for the County.  

FY2005 through FY2010 Capital Improvement Program Detail

FY2005 Budget Presentation - The Budget Presentation presents high level tables, graphics and images summarizing the FY2005 Budget.  This information was presented to the Board of County Commissioners on September 7, 2004.

FY2005 Governmental User Fee Schedule - This document contains a schedule of services and fees assessed by governmental departments under the purview of the County Commissioners as well as the Pinellas County Health Department.  It does not include enterprise departments (Airport and Utilities).


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