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Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Regular Public Meeting

Regular Public Meeting August 5, 2014 9:33 A.M. Printable version


Item #17 Revised

Public Participation

Persons wishing to speak during the Citizens to be Heard portion of the agenda, excluding Regular Agenda items and Public Hearing items, must complete a yellow card. Persons wishing to speak regarding a Regular Agenda item or a Public Hearing item must complete a blue card. Cards should be given to staff at the table located at the front of the Assembly Room. At the scheduled section of the meeting when the item is before the Board of County Commissioners (Board), the Chair will call each speaker, one by one, to the podium to be heard. Each speaker may speak up to three minutes. Persons who have been authorized to represent a group of five or more individuals, who are present, should limit their presentation to 10 minutes. Items may be taken out of order by the Chair.

Invocation by Pastor Matthew Trill from the New Testament Baptist Church in Largo.

Pledge of Allegiance


Smokey Bear/Florida Forest Service Proclamation


The procedure used by the Board in conducting public hearings is to have a staff presentation followed by the applicant presenting the specific proposal. The Board will then hear comments from the proponents followed by comments from the opponents and a staff summary. The applicant will then be given an opportunity to close and the Board will decide on the matter. Please refer to the back of this agenda copy for more details on guidelines for time limitations and opportunities to speak.


1. Petition to vacate submitted by JP Morgan Chase Bank as successor trustee of the Lake Ridge Trust for Lots 10, 11 and 12 and easements therein and a portion of Tract A in Bison Creek Estates, Phase I (Quasi-Judicial Hearing).


Proposal to amend the adopted Countywide Plan Map:

2. Subthreshold Amendment – Case CW 14-19 – City of Largo
.9 acre more or less, located at 15150 62nd Street, Amendment from Residential Urban to Industrial Limited.


David Ballard Geddis, Jr., Palm Harbor, re reclaimed water is secular tact.
Lenore Faulkner, Madeira Beach, re middle school excellence.
Greg Pound, Largo, re truth.

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All matters listed under this item are considered to be routine and action will be taken by one motion without separate discussion of each item. If discussion is desired by a member of the Board, the item(s) will be moved from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.


3. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting held June 24, 2014.

4. Reports to be received for filing:

a. Division of Inspector General, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, Report No. 2014-19 dated June 27, 2014 – Follow-Up Audit of Department of Environment and Infrastructure General Maintenance Division Contract with Ferguson Waterworks.

b. City of South Pasadena Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended September 30, 2013.

c. Dock Fee Report for the month of June 2014.

d. Quarterly report of Routine Dock and Dredge/Fill Permits issued from April 1 to June 30, 2014.

5. Vouchers and Bills:

a. $12,513,979.35 from June 1 to June 7, 2014.

b. $10,485,586.67 from June 8 to June 14, 2014.

c. $15,477,443.24 from June 15 to June 21, 2014.

d. $21,533,370.45 from June 22 to June 28, 2014.

e. $42,813,167.97 from June 29 to July 5, 2014.

6. Miscellaneous items to be received for filing:

a. City of St. Petersburg Notice of Public Hearing on Blight Study for the proposed Southside St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment to be held July 10, 2014.

b. City of Clearwater Ordinances Nos. 8558-14 and 8564-14 adopted June 4, 2014, annexing certain property.

c. City of Clearwater Notices of Public Hearings regarding proposed Ordinances Nos. 8570-14, 8573-14, and 8574-14 amending the Community Development Code, Land Use Plan, and the Zoning Atlas; public hearings to be held August 7 and September 4, 2014.

d. City of Dunedin Notice of Public Hearing regarding proposed Ordinance No. 14-16 to be held September 25, 2014, annexing certain property.

e. City of Oldsmar Notice of Public Hearing to be held July 15, 2014, regarding proposed Ordinance No. 2014-07 annexing certain property.


Environment and Infrastructure

See Item No. 15
7. Approval to accept and record a plat, sidewalk guarantee and private street sign installation guarantee for the plat of The Cove at East Lake Woodlands.

See Item No. 15
8. Approval of award of bids with:

a. Star Cleaning USA, Inc. for mechanical street sweeping services.

b. David Nelson Construction Company for Wall Springs tower replacement at Wall Springs Park.

c. CMS Crawford Maintenance Services, LLC and Stan Cisilski, Inc. for surface water work order contract.

Other Departments

See Item No. 15
9. Adoption of a resolution declaring personal property as surplus and donating same to the Humane Society of Pinellas (Real Estate Management/Animal Services).

10. Receipt and file of quarterly report of claim settlements from April 1 through June 30, 2014 (Risk Management/County Attorney).

11. Approval of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant award for year two of the Veterans Treatment Court Program for August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015 (Safety and Emergency Services).


12. Notice of new lawsuit and defense of the same by the County Attorney in the case of Ellen Kirschner v. Pinellas County - Circuit Civil Case No. 14-004849-CI-11 – Inverse Condemnation.

13. Notice of new lawsuit and defense of the same by Christopher S. Morin, Esq., in the case of Sandra Pratt v. County of Pinellas, Florida - Circuit Civil Case No. 14-004637-CI-13 – Allegations of Negligence Resulting in Personal Injury.


Lealman Solid Waste Collection and Disposal District (LSWCDD)

14. Approval of acceptance of non-ad valorem assessment roll for the LSWCDD and certification to the Tax Collector.

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Items Nos. 7, 8a, 8b, 8c, and 9 Approved
15. Items for discussion from the Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller).


Planning and Development Services

16. Approval of authority to advertise a public hearing for amendments to the Pinellas County Code for creation of regulations governing temporary emergency housing following a disaster.

17. Adoption of two resolutions establishing a total financial commitment of $135,000 to Project A9012133972.

Other Departments

18. Approval of purchase agreement with ConAgra Foods Sales, Inc. for State Tax Credit Certificate Number 290 (Health and Community Services).

19. Approval of Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Amendments Nos. 13 and 14 (Management and Budget).

20. Other administrative matters.


21. Miscellaneous.


Emergency Medical Services Authority

22. Approval of an appointment to the Emergency Medical Services Medical Control Board.


23. None.


24. Review of County Administrator applications.

Chairman authorized to enter into negotiations with Mr. Woodard regarding his appointment as County Administrator.

25. Miscellaneous.

The members congratulated Mr. Woodard regarding his appointment as County Administrator.

a. Commissioner Welch introduced his cousin, J.C. Pritchett.
b. Commissioner Long presented information pertaining to Gulf States Consortium, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Academy of Sciences Study, and flood insurance.
c. Commissioner Justice encouraged members to review survey results from the Lealman Citizen and Stakeholder Research Project.
d. Commissioner Roche discussed recent BCC tour of Pinellas County Public Safety Complex, and indicated that “open houses” should be offered at the facility for the benefit of the general public.
e. Chairman Seel reported that Pinellas County received national recognition for its Employee Wellness Program.
f. Commissioner Latvala discussed pari-mutuel legislation; moved that Attorney Bennett proceed with writing referendum language re existing pari-mutuels to be placed on the November ballot - Denied

provided an update regarding Industry Certification Training Centers.

* * * *

If the meeting has not concluded by 12:30 p.m., a recess will be taken from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m., and the remainder of the meeting will continue at 1:00 p.m.

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Persons are advised that, if they decide to appeal any decision made at this meeting/hearing, they will need a record of the proceedings, and, for such purposes, they may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

Persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the Office of Human Rights, by written or oral request, at least 48 hours prior to the proceeding at: 400 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Suite 500, Clearwater, Florida 33756, Phone: (727) 464-4880, TDD: (727) 464-4062.

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Public hearings before the Board are governed by the provisions of Section 134-14 of the Pinellas County Land Development Code. That code provides that at the conclusion of each person’s presentation, any speaker may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of staff. Specifically:

1. At the conclusion of the presentations by the applicant and any proponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from the applicant and/or the proponents.

2. At the conclusion of the presentation by the opponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from any opponent.

The applicant’s closing comments will address testimony subsequent to their presentation. Continuing rebuttal of other than directly preceding testimony will not be allowed.

Because much testimony has already been submitted in writing, the applicant should present the entire case in 20 minutes.

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