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Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Regular Public Meeting

April 15, 2014 2:04 P.M. Printable version


Supplemental Item 26a added April 14, 2014 2:58 P.M.

Commissioner Welch moved, seconded by Commissioner Long and carried, that the contract of County Administrator Robert S. LaSala be terminated without cause.

Public Participation

Persons wishing to speak during the Citizens to be Heard portion of the agenda, excluding Regular Agenda items and Public Hearing items, must complete a yellow card. Persons wishing to speak regarding a Regular Agenda item or a Public Hearing item must complete a blue card. Cards should be given to staff at the table located at the front of the Board Room. At the scheduled section of the meeting when the item is before the Board, the Chairman will call each speaker, one by one, to the podium to be heard. Each speaker may speak up to three minutes. Persons who have been authorized to represent a group of five or more individuals, who are present, should limit their presentation to 10 minutes. Items may be taken out of order by the Chair.


Pledge of Allegiance


Drinking Water Week Proclamation

Healthy Kids Day Proclamation

External Auditor Audit Results for year ended September 30, 2013


Marc McMenamin, St. Petersburg, re waste to energy.
Roberta Hosken, Clearwater, re Kent Place road flooding.
Mark Klutho, Largo, re stupidity, waste.
Dennis Adair, Tierra Verde, re Fort De Soto maintenance.
Edward A. Sambriski, Palm Harbor, re Bee Pond Road and Parcel F (speaking for group of five).
Greg Pound, Largo, re truth.
Lenore Faulkner, Madeira Beach, re education excellence.


All matters listed under this item are considered to be routine and action will be taken by one motion without separate discussion of each item. If discussion is desired by a member of the Board, that item(s) will be moved from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.


1. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting held March 18, 2014.

2. Reports to be received for filing:

a. Tampa Bay Water Annual Financial Report and Audited Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year ended September 30, 2013.

b. City of Largo West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013.

3. Vouchers and bills – None.

4. Miscellaneous items to be received for filing:

a. City of Clearwater Notices of Public Hearings regarding proposed Ordinances Nos. 8547-14 through 8549-14 and 8552-14 through 8563-14 amending the Annexation, Land Use Plan, and the Zoning Atlas; public hearings to be held May 1, 2014.

b. City of Clearwater Notice of Intent to Consider an Amendment to the Existing Development Agreement with Clearwater Grande LLC for property located at 655 Gulfview Boulevard; public hearing held April 3, 2014.

c. Correspondence from the City of Pinellas Park regarding two proposed ordinances voluntarily annexing certain property; public hearings to be held April 24, 2014.

d. City of Safety Harbor Ordinance No. 2014-02 adopted March 17, 2014, annexing certain property.


Environment and Infrastructure

5. Approval of award of bids to:

a. Eveland Brothers, Inc. for Airport passenger exit lane breach control portals.

b. Rowland, Inc. for underdrain system improvements at the Toytown Closed Class 1 landfill.

c. Econolite Control Products, Inc. and Transportation Control Systems, Inc. by group item for Intelligent Transportation System traffic equipment.

d. Lanzo Lining Services, Inc., (primary contractor) and Insituform Technologies, Inc. (secondary contractor) for sanitary sewer rehabilitation cured in place pipelining.

6. Approval of a Joint Participation Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for construction of Advanced Traffic Management System/Intelligent Transportation System (ATMS/ITS) operational improvements on U.S. Highway 19 from 49th Street North to 126th Avenue North.


Other Departments

7. Receipt and file reports of:

a. Non-procurement items delegated to the County Administrator (County Administrator).

b. Procurement items delegated to the County Administrator for the quarter ending March 31, 2014 (Purchasing).

c. Administrative budget amendments from January 1 to March 31, 2014 (Management and Budget).

d. Law Enforcement Trust Fund from January 1 to March 31, 2014 (Management and Budget).

8. Adoption of a resolution to appropriate earmarked receipts for a particular purpose in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 General Fund Budget for grant revenues to the Sheriff’s Office (Management and Budget).


9. Notice of new lawsuit and defense of the same by the County Attorney in the Case of John Reyner and Monika Reyner v. Pinellas County - Circuit Civil Case No. 14-001865-CI-19 – Allegations of Permitting Prohibited Discharge or Polluted Conditions.

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10. Items for discussion from the Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller).


Environment and Infrastructure

11. Approval of Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement and a Resolution with the FDOT for utility relocation, S.R. 688 (Ulmerton Road) from east of 49th Street North to west of 38th Street North.

12. Adoption of a resolution authorizing approval of a Transportation Regional Incentive Program Agreement with the FDOT for ATMS/ITS construction activities along State Road 693 (66th Street/Pasadena) from U.S. Highway 19 to State Road 699 (Gulf Boulevard).

13. Approval of the First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Tarpon Springs for the design and construction of the Whitcomb and Kreamer Bayous hurricane and storm damage reduction project.

Other Departments

14. Approval of an amendment to the Elite Event Funding Guidelines (Convention and Visitors Bureau).

15. Approval of the Master Pinellas County Health Program Agreement with local hospitals (retroactive to October 1, 2013) (Health and Community Services).

Deferred TO NEXT MEETING (MAY 6, 2014)
16. Approval of an Interlocal Agreement for creation of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (Planning and Development Services).

17. Approval of the lease agreement with EJB Fairways, LLC for Convention and Visitors Bureau base office space (Real Estate Management).

18. Approval of an extension of the Fire Protection Services Agreement for the Tierra Verde Fire Control District (Safety and Emergency Services).

19. Other administrative matters.


20. Miscellaneous.


21. Gulf Boulevard Beautification Project.

Approved CONCEPT
22. Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing Skills Initiative.

23. Flood Insurance Legislation Update.


24. Continuation of discussion from April 1, 2014 agenda Item No. 4a. regarding the follow-up audit of Fleet allocations.

25. Approval of an appointment to the Tourist Development Council.

26. Miscellaneous.

a. County Administrator annual performance review. Addressed earlier in meeting.
b. Commissioner Roche (1) moved, seconded by Commissioner Welch and carried, that the property taxes on the Cross Bar/Al Bar Ranch be paid, the tax certificate be secured, and discussion go forward codifying the Board’s position Approved

(2) re restrictions on the sale or conveyance of Al Bar or Cross Bar Ranches in Pinellas County – Item will not be included on a future agenda.
c. Commissioner Justice re next steps and chain of command with respect to the departure of Administrator LaSala; Chairman Seel to address.
d. Commissioner Long re appointment of a designee for the open County Administrator position; members will have input, but the matter does not require a vote.
e. Commissioner Morroni wished the public a Happy Easter and Sacred Passover.
f. Commissioner Welch echoed the comments of Commissioner Morroni.
g. Chairman Seel re Bayside Heath Clinic.

If the afternoon portion of the meeting has not concluded by 5:30 p.m., a recess will be taken from 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. The remainder of the afternoon agenda will resume at 6:00 p.m., followed by public hearings.

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6:08 P.M.

27. Approval of ratification and confirmation of the preferred alternative, Replacement with a New Movable Bridge, for the Beckett Bridge Project Development and Environmental study.


The procedure used by the Board of County Commissioners (Board) in conducting Public Hearings is to have a staff presentation followed by the applicant presenting the specific proposal. The Board will then hear comments from the proponents followed by comments from the opponents and a staff summary. The applicant will then be given an opportunity to close and the Board will decide on the matter. Please refer to the back of this agenda copy for more details on guidelines for time limitations and opportunities to speak.


28. Petition to Vacate submitted by Daniel and Nancy Riese for a portion of St. Louis Avenue right-of-way in the W.V. Futrell’s Subdivision (Legislative Hearing) (Deferred from the March 18, 2014 Board Meeting) (Petition Withdrawn by Applicant).

29. Proposed ordinance amending the Future Land Use and Quality Communities Element of the Pinellas County Comprehensive Plan, modifying the Institutional (I) Future Land Use Map (FLUM) category and the Additional Standards section of the FLUM category descriptions and rules.

30. Planning and zoning applications heard by the Local Planning Agency (Quasi-Judicial hearings are noted with a “Q” Prefix):

Q Z-26-12-13
Proposed resolution changing the zoning classification of approximately 20 acres located on the southeast corner of C.R. 39 and Fisher Road, Palm Harbor, Page 607 of the Zoning Atlas, as being in Section 18, Township 28, Range 16, from R-R, Rural Residential, to R-1, Single Family Residential, upon application of Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc., through Alexis Crespo, AICP, Representative (Second Public Hearing).

* * * *

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Persons are advised that, if they decide to appeal any decision made at this meeting/hearing, they will need a record of the proceedings, and, for such purposes, they may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

Persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the Office of Human Rights, by written or oral request, at least 48 hours prior to the proceeding at: 400 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Suite 500, Clearwater, Florida 33756, Phone: (727) 464-4880, TDD: (727) 464-4062.



Public hearings before the Board are governed by the provisions of Section 134-14 of the Pinellas County Land Development Code. That code provides that at the conclusion of each person’s presentation, any speaker may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of staff. Specifically:

1. At the conclusion of the presentations by the applicant and any proponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from the applicant and/or the proponents.

2. At the conclusion of the presentation by the opponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from any opponent.

The applicant’s closing comments will address testimony subsequent to their presentation. Continuing rebuttal of other than directly preceding testimony will not be allowed.

Because much testimony has already been submitted in writing, the applicant should present his or her entire case in 20 minutes.

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