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AGENDA – Regular Public Meeting Pinellas County
  Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
9:32 A.M. Regular Public Meeting January 14, 2014

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Public Participation

Persons wishing to speak during the Citizens to be Heard portion of the agenda, excluding Regular Agenda items and Public Hearing items, must complete a yellow card. Persons wishing to speak regarding a Regular Agenda item or a Public Hearing item must complete a blue card. Cards should be given to staff at the table located at the front of the Board Room. At the scheduled section of the meeting when the item is before the Board of County Commissioners (Board), the Chair will call each speaker, one by one, to the podium to be heard. Each speaker may speak up to three minutes. Persons who have been authorized to represent a group of five or more individuals, who are present, should limit their presentation to 10 minutes.


Pledge of Allegiance

Al Bar/Cross Bar Ranch by Pasco County – DEFERRED to January 28 meeting.

Al Bar/Cross Bar Ranch by Pasco County


The procedure used by the Board in conducting public hearings is to have a staff presentation followed by the applicant presenting the specific proposal. The Board will then hear comments from the proponents followed by comments from the opponents and a staff summary. The applicant will then be given an opportunity to close and the Board will decide on the matter. Please refer to the back of your agenda copy for more details on guidelines for time limitations and opportunities to speak.


1. Proposed Ordinance amending Section 54-2 of the Pinellas County Code relating to false alarms.

2. Proposed Ordinance amending Section 138-1332 of the Pinellas County Land Development Code relating to alcoholic beverages (Second Public Hearing).

3. Proposed Resolution to appropriate unanticipated fund balance in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 General Fund Budget for the Department of Justice and Consumer Services, within the Department of Safety and Emergency Services.


Consideration of the following proposals to amend the adopted Countywide Future Land Use Plan:

4. Subthreshold Amendments

a. Case CW 13-15 – Pinellas County
0.1 acre more or less (MOL), located at 3211 Alternate 19, Palm Harbor; Amendment from Residential Urban to Residential/Office General.

b. Case CW 13-16 – City of Clearwater
0.4 acre MOL, located at 1569 and 1571 Sunset Point Road; Amendment from Residential Low to Residential Urban.

5. Regular Amendments

a. Case CW 13-17 – City of Pinellas Park
9.8 acres MOL, located at 5465 126th Avenue North; Amendment from Industrial General and Water/Drainage Feature to Industrial Limited.

Approved Exceptions
b. Department of Administrative Hearings Case No. 13-2004GM/PPC
Case CW 13-2 – City of Safety Harbor
34.6 acres MOL, located at 1585 10th Street South (S.R. 590) and generally to the northeast of the intersection of 10th Street South (S.R. 590) and McMullen Booth Road; Amendment from Industrial Limited, Residential/Office Limited, Residential Low, and Residential Urban, Preservation, and Water/Drainage Feature Overlay to Residential Medium, Residential/Office Limited, Preservation, and Water/Drainage Feature Overlay.

6. Proposed Ordinance amending the Countywide Rules relating to preservation of Industrial Lands (First Public Hearing).

David Ballard Geddis, Jr., Palm Harbor, re Constitution and water.
Greg Pound, Largo, re families.
Ed Sambriski, Palm Harbor, re Parcel F (speaking for self and six people).
Ted Legakis, Pinellas Park, re Reliable Septic waste water odors.
Nancy J. Besore, Safety Harbor, re other item of interest.

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All matters listed under this item are considered to be routine and action will be taken by one motion without separate discussion of each item. If discussion is desired by a member of the Board, that item(s) will be moved from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.


See Item No. 19
7. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting held November 19, 2013.

See Item No. 19
8. Reports to be received for filing:

a. Division of Inspector General, Audit Services, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, Report No. 2013-40 dated December 12, 2013 – Follow-Up Audit of Solid Waste Municipal Recycling Reimbursement Grants.

b. Florida Model Jail Standards Annual Facility Inspection Report for Pinellas County Jail inspection held October 28-29, 2013.

9. Vouchers and Bills:

a. $46,715,673.85 from October 27 to November 2, 2013.

b. $17,024,638.29 from November 3 to November 9, 2013.

c. $6,865,283.51 from November 10 to November 16, 2013.

10. Miscellaneous items to be received for filing – City of Largo Notice of Public Hearing to be held January 7, 2014 regarding proposed Ordinance No. 2014-16, annexing certain property.

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Environment and Infrastructure

See Item No. 19
11. Approval of Cooperative Funding Agreements with the Southwest Florida Water Management District for:

a. Lake Tarpon Water Quality Management Plan.

b. Implementation of best management practices in the Coastal Zone 5 Watershed area of Antilles and Oakhurst Streets.

12. Approval of award of bids with Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC for:

a. FY 2014 – FY 2016 Countywide pavement preservation.

b. Nursery Road Safe Routes to School sidewalk improvements, Phase 2 – South Haven Drive to Chateaux De Ville Court (Rebid).

Management and Budget

13. Adoption of Resolutions appropriating earmarked receipts for a particular purpose in the FY 2014 General Fund Budget for:

a. Safety and Emergency Services.

b. Grants and other revenues to the Sheriff’s Office.

c. Grant revenues to the Sheriff’s Office.

d. Grants revenues to Emergency Management Department.

e. Cooperative Agreement to support Navigators in Federally Facilitated and State Partnership Exchanges Grant for the Department of Health and Community Services.

Other Departments

See Item No. 19
14. Approval of acceptance of the Promotional Fund Grant Agreement with the Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Administration, BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee for the promotion and marketing of four programs in support of Gulf tourism and the seafood industries (Convention and Visitors Bureau).

15. Approval of Lease Amendments with the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of Florida for: (Real Estate Management)

a. Amendment Number One for the Gateway Tract.

b. Amendment Number Two for Weedon Island Preserve.

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16. Notice of filing Counter Claim in the Case of Ronald C. Jacobs and Sharon K. Jacobs v. Pinellas County - Circuit Civil Case No. 13-CA-009922, Division G – Breach of Contract.

17. Notice of new lawsuits and defense of the same by the County Attorney:

a. Stephen W. Bloom, Jr. v. Pinellas County – Circuit Civil Case No. 13-011274-CI-21 - Allegations of negligence resulting in personal injury.

b. Andrew W. Carpenter v. Pinellas County – Circuit Civil Case No. 13-010480-CI-21 - Allegations of negligence resulting in personal injury.

c. Jean F. Rossignol and Patricia G. Rossignol v. Pinellas County – Circuit Civil Case No. 13-11100-CI-13 - Inverse Condemnation.

d. Theocharis Varitimidis and Sevasti Varitimidis v. Pinellas County – Circuit Civil Case No. 13-010614-CI-021 - Allegations of negligence resulting in personal injury.


Human Resources

18. Approval of ranking of firms and authority to negotiate an agreement with the highest ranked firm for the employee medical health center (clinic) project.

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Item No. 7 Approved AS AMENDED, and Items Nos. 8, 11 and 14 Approved
19. Items for discussion from the Consent Agenda (County Administrator and Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller).


Environment and Infrastructure

20. Approval of the Second Amendment and Final Term Extension with Boyett Timber, Inc. for sale of pine timber at Cross Bar/Al Bar Ranch.

21. Approval of ranking of firms and final contract(s) with:

a. Entrix, Inc. d/b/a Cardno Entrix, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. and Water and Air Research, Inc. for environmental planting, monitoring and maintenance services.

b. Icon Consultant Group, Inc. for professional engineering services for the construction of sidewalks along County Road 1 from State Road 580 to Curlew Road and related American with Disabilities Act ramps.

Management and Budget

22. Approval of FY 2014 Budget Amendment No. 2.

23. Approval of Infrastructure Funding Agreements with the Palm Harbor Special Fire Control and Rescue District and the East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District.

24. Adoption of a Resolution appropriating earmarked receipts for a particular purpose in the FY 2014 Fire District Fund for the Safety Harbor Fire District Budget.

Real Estate Management

25. Adoption of a Resolution granting preferred status to the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County and the Pinellas County School Board for donation of County-owned surplus miscellaneous tangible personal property on a rotating priority notification basis, and reaffirming Suwannee County’s previously designated preferred status (Companion Agenda Item No. 26).

26. Approval to declare surplus and authorize the sale of miscellaneous County-owned equipment and vehicles (Companion Agenda Item No. 25).

Other Departments

27. Approval of contract cancellation with Directions for Mental Health, Inc. d/b/a Directions for Living, for behavioral health care services (Health and Community Services).

28. Approval of the proposed Charter of the Greater Pinellas Country Fair Association, Inc. (Parks and Conservation Resources).

29. Other administrative matters.

a. Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act
b. Florida Association of Counties meeting Friday in Hillsborough County
c. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission re Local Rule Review Committee/Manatee Sanctuary Act

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30. Miscellaneous.


Business Technology Services

31. Approval of Changed Order 2013-10 with Tyler Technologies, Inc. for the Consolidated Case Management System.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Authority

32. Approval of the Medical Director appointment to the EMS Medical Control Board.

Housing Finance Authority

33. Approval of a reappointment to the Housing Finance Authority.

Human Resources

34. Approval of ranking of firms and contract award to Towers Watson Pennsylvania, Inc. for employee benefits consulting services.



35. None.


36. Miscellaneous.

  a. Commissioner Welch thanked Representative Darryl Rouson for generating funding to the community for the Day of Service at the Martin Luther King Day celebration.
  b. Commissioner Latvala
introduced a resolution supporting the candidacy of Brian Desloge for Second Vice-President of the National Association of Counties; whereupon, Commissioner Long moved, seconded by Commissioner Welch and carried unanimously, that the resolution be approved.
  c. Commissioner Justice announced historic preservation summit to be hosted in February by the Largo Area Historical Society.
  d. Commissioner Roche announced his daughter Megan’s recent engagement.

recommended a briefing be scheduled at the next work session re status of sewer and drainage issues at Kent Place, in Largo.
  e. Chairman Seel congratulated Commissioner Latvala on her recent engagement.

discussed forming Council of Local Governments. Commissioner Seel to set up first meeting and establish agenda. Drop box or website to be created.

* * * *

If the meeting has not concluded by 12:30 p.m., a recess will be taken from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m., and the remainder of the meeting will continue at 1:00 p.m.

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Persons are advised that, if they decide to appeal any decision made at this meeting/hearing, they will need a record of the proceedings, and, for such purposes, they may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

Persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the Office of Human Rights, by written or oral request, at least 48 hours prior to the proceeding at: 400 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Suite 500, Clearwater, Florida 33756, Phone: (727) 464-4880, TDD: (727) 464-4062.



Public hearings before the Board are governed by the provisions of Section 134-14 of the Pinellas County Land Development Code. That code provides that at the conclusion of each person’s presentation, any speaker may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of staff. Specifically:

1. At the conclusion of the presentations by the applicant and any proponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from the applicant and/or the proponents.

2. At the conclusion of the presentation by the opponents, all affected parties may seek the Chair’s permission to ask questions of or seek clarification from any opponent.

The applicant’s closing comments will address testimony subsequent to their presentation. Continuing rebuttal of other than directly preceding testimony will not be allowed.

Because much testimony has already been submitted in writing, the applicant should present his or her entire case in 20 minutes.

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