5 Snapshot of Services and Citizen Values Survey 4 Citizen Values Survey Your trust and confidence is important to us. Each year, we conduct a Citizen Values Survey to hear from you and your neighbors about what we are doing well and what we can do better. This helps us invest in initiatives that improve your quality of life. Quality of Life in Pinellas 71%of our Citizens think our quality of life is better or just as good as five years ago. 85%of our Citizens think our quality of life will be better or just as good five years from now. You Highly Recommend Our County More than 9 out of 10 respondents indicated that they would recommend Pinellas County as a place to live, work, raise children and retire. Pinellas County Citizen trust and confidence ratings outperformed the national average as captured by Gallup polling. Live (96%) Work (92%) Raise Children (92%) Retire (95%) Pinellas County 93% 7% National Average 71% 29% Great Deal/ Fair Amount Not Very Much/None You Are Confident In Us Your trust and confidence in our Doing Things! continues to far exceed the national average for local government. You Believe Our Future is Bright You are confident that our community will continue to prosper. 213,000 hours worked by county volunteers, saving taxpayers more than $5 million 80,500 Building inspections completed Nearly 1 million calls handled by dispatchers at the Regional 9-1-1 Center 6,800 pets adopted or returned to their owners from the animal shelter 17 trillion gallons of safe, quality drinking water delivered to Utilities customers 10,700 pounds of pollutants removed through street sweeping to protect water quality 11 trillion gallons of wastewater treated at our water reclamation facilities 184,000 patients transported via ambulance to healthcare facilities 7,000 customer service requests responded to via the Doing Things! mobile app Every day, more than 1,800 Pinellas County government employees work to provide first class services to our residents, businesses, visitors and partners. Pinellas County Serving You All Year 364,000 truckloads of material processed at the Solid Waste Scalehouse. These trucks would stretch from Pinellas County to New York. 293,000 acres treated to prevent mosquitoes 2016 2017 88% 85%