Did You Know? Florida Coast-to-Coast Connector Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Mexico Tampa Bay Pinellas County 11 Practice Superior Environmental Stewardship 10 Practice Superior Environmental Stewardship Promoting Eco-Friendly Habits If you attended our first Eco Fun Festival, you discovered how making small changes at home can protect our environment. In fact, our recycling efforts made a big impact in 2017. For the second year in a row, we had the top recycling rate in Florida with 2.1 billion pounds of countywide recycled material. Your Voice “The trail serves a lot of different uses. It’s a fabulous closing of the gap to Pasco County. I can’t wait to ride it all the way over to Titusville to go surfing someday. There’s a lot of success that can be gained from regional teamwork. It makes me proud to live in Pinellas County.” Richard Hartman, recreational cyclist and avid runner With the completion of a 5-mile segment of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Connector, our Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail became the first link in a 250- mile network of trails that will cross Florida. We are committed to responsible environmental practices that protect our beaches, green spaces and waterways, and help preserve the distinctive natural characteristics of our county for the benefit of future generations. Protecting Water Quality The Wastewater/Stormwater Task Force marked its first anniversary. The cooperative partnership between County, city and agency partners has met regularly to reduce sanitary sewer overflows in the county, including the creation of an action plan to mitigate wastewater and stormwater issues. We implemented a new Stormwater Manual in a continued effort to protect the quality of our surface waters. The goals: reduce the impacts of flooding, ensure development and capital projects, accommodate the effects of sea level rise and promote redevelopment. Providing Quality Water To continue providing you with safe drinking water, we made facility improvements to the S.K. Keller Water Treatment Plant and Operations Center. The facility distributes up to 55 million gallons of drinking water per day to more than 900,000 residents and visitors. Cutting Energy Costs We reduced our energy consumption by more than half a million dollars at our water plants by making facility enhancements, including upgrading pump stations. By reducing energy costs, you continue to receive an affordable water utility rate. Preserving Our Coasts Several major beach nourishment and stabilization projects are either underway or forthcoming for segments of our coastline, including Upham Beach, Sand Key, Indian Rocks Beach and Treasure Island. Our beach nourishment program, a partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the state and local communities, provides vital resources to mitigate and protect our shores against the effects of erosion. We partnered with the Southwest Florida Water Management District to construct a bridge at Fort De Soto Park to enable better water flow, improving water quality and coastal habitat. Pinellas County is home to 21 regional parks and preserves, which includes more than 20,000 acres of environmental land. Many of these have been supported through the years by the Penny for Pinellas. In 2017, these green spaces attracted nearly 18 million visitors. Linking Nature Trails Recycling Highlights: By The Numbers 432,000 pounds of household chemicals 1.5 million pounds of household electronics 2.5 million pounds of metal 84 million pounds of ash Lighting the Way You may have noticed that the traffic signals, overhead message signs and lights underneath our bridges now use LED lighting, which consumes up to 90% less power than regular bulbs. This dramatic decrease in electricity consumption saves you $100,000 annually.