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Step into yesteryear as this visual tour - set to music – takes you among our many restored historical structures in a tranquil pine and palmetto woodlands and sample the live events that bring our pioneer past to life. 5 min. This is a fifteen minute video that gives you a tour of Pinellas County’s living history museum. Host Hank Shaw gives us a primer on what one can explore on a trip to the village. 15 min. Almost every hotel in Pinellas County was used as training barracks for U.S. servicemen headed for the war in Europe and the Pacific. This presentation discusses the impact the military’s presence had on Clearwater and the surrounding area. 40 min. The buildings at Heritage Village chronicle the history of Pinellas County. Now, get a look inside these structures, and hear their stories from the people who actually lived and worked in them…on Pinellas Pioneers. 30 min.
Pinellas native, Mr. Willie Tellis, describes what Pinellas County was like when growing citrus and cattle ranching were the mainstays of a family’s livelihood. - 1 hr. 15 min. The show is part of Heritage Village's Speaking of History lecture series. This one-hour program captures a recent presentation by Mr. Philip G. Fatolitis, one of Tarpon Springs’ few remaining original hard-hat sponge divers. Fatolitis talks about what life was like as a diver during the days when Tarpon was known as the “Sponge Capital of the World.” 1 hr. Learn about the Pleistocene Epoch fossils found in Pinellas County and the ancient Native American presence here, local sites you can visit, and ongoing archaeological efforts - in which you can participate - to learn more about Pinellas County’s past. 35 min. Turner Bungalow - This structure, built in 1915, was moved from downtown Clearwater to Heritage Village in Largo in January, 2014.  This program offers some background history of the Turner Family and documents the home's relocation.
Historic Preservation Summit & Training  
Speaking of History Lecture Series
An illustrated interview with Ms. Helen Gandy O'Brien who talks about the Driftwood community in St. Petersburg and her grandfather, George S. Gandy, who built the bridge across the bay to Tampa. Nelson Poynter: His Legacy in the American Century  - Nelson Poynter (1903-1978) was the longtime editor and publisher of the St. Petersburg Times, presently the Tampa Bay Times. Walt Gordon discusses Poynter's contribution to the community as a journalist, concerned citizen and unabashed promoter of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County during the 20th century. Dr. Mary Jane Safford - Dr. Elizabeth Coachman recreates Dr. Mary Jane Safford, one of the first female doctors in Florida and one of the early pioneers of Tarpon Springs. In her role, Dr. Coachman speaks to her audience as if the present time is 1887.  Diary of Abbie M. Brooks - first account of FL tourism.
Equal Pay for a Classroom Day - About the Early Footprints in the Sand – Lecture 1968 Florida Teacher Strike - Jody Noll, a history graduate student at Auburn University presents “Unruly Teachers: The 1968 Florida Teacher Walkout and the Battle over Public Sector Unionism”… a lecture at Heritage Village on 9/22/13.  (43 minutes) Maderia Beach and John's Pass
Documenting Florida's Environment - In this edition of the Heritage Village "Speaking of History" lecture series, Erin Mahaney, an archivist at the Arthur Vining Davis Library and Archive at Sarasota's Mote Marine Laboratory, discusses her work examining various historical sources that document the work of naturalists, conservationists, preservationists, and environmentalists in Florida. Speaking of History: Finding the Fountain of Youth Speaking of History: Southernmost State Tour: Rediscovering the Ultimate Florida Road Trip Spekaing of History - Fly Balls and Flights of Fancy
Maria Velasquez: Conquistadora - 1528 - One of the first European women to arrive in La Florida, Maria accompanied her husband on the expedition of Spanish conquistador Panfilo de Narváez who landed somewhere along the coast of Pinellas County in 1528.  Local artist / historian Elizabeth Neily brought her fascinating tale to life dressed in clothing of the period at a FL Archaeology Month event at the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center.  Date recorded: 3/2/13 An illustrated presentation about pioneer life on Caladesi Island by Ms. Terry Fortner - a descendant of Henry Scharrer, who homesteaded Caladesi Island in the late 1800’s. 1 hr. "Largo" - a pictorial history book .
Spa Beach and the Civil Rights Movement in St. Petersburg Hiscorical Reflection Along Mirro Lank 1925 Florida State Speaking of History - Talk about A1A
Speaking of History - Celebrating Clearwater's Centennial      
Pinellas by the Decades Lecture Series - Part 1 - 10
First of the "Pinellas by the Decades: A Centennial Celebration" series of historical lectures. This lecture, "1842-1911...From Punta Pinal to Peerless Pinellas," examines this period of early settlement along the Pinellas Peninsula - including early communities, notable pioneer families, and the stirrings for separation from Hillsborough County.(1 hour, 5 mins.)
In this second lecture of the “Pinellas by the Decades: A Centennial Celebration” series, historian James Schnur discusses the period between 1912 and 1921 in the presentation entitled, “Independence, New Challenges, and New Opportunities.” (1 hour, 3 mins.)
1922 – 1931: "The Land Boom and Distant Clouds on the Horizon"
1932-1941: “Tough Times, but Citrus is at Its Prime”
1942-1951: “Distant War Clouds with Clearing Paths for Development Ahead” - Although tourism languished, frenzied activity covered Pinellas County during World War II. With the Maritime Service Training Station at Bayboro Harbor, Pinellas Army Airfield and the test site for the Roebling Alligator in and around Dunedin, Pinellas contributed to the war effort. Many young recruits of the U.S. Army Air Corps trained in the area, and by the war's end in 1945, Pinellas County's population expanded into areas once occupied by citrus groves. (60 mins.)
1952 - 1961 - “Trailer Parks Replacing Trees, with New Suburbs Built to Please” - Continuing the recognition of the 100th birthday of Pinellas County, Heritage Village history lecture series presents the urbanization that transformed Pinellas County during the 1950s as developments replaced old groves and farmlands. “Home Rule” brought political power to the local level, while cold war industries fueled the vibrant economy. (58 mins.)
1962-1971 - “Civil Rights, Wrong Turns and New Directions”
Part-8: 1972-1981 - “Annexation, Expansion, and Regional Challenges” (54 min.)
Part-9: 1982-1991 - Building Bridges and Aspiring for the Major Leagues (1 hr. 5 min.)
Part-10: 1992-2012 - Pinellas Past, Present, and Future (1 hr. 3 min.)
Past Events
Country Jubliee 2013 Viva FL 500 - On May 19, 2013, Heritage Village was the site of the Pinellas County participation in the statewide observances of the 500th anniversary of the landing of Ponce de Leon in Florida.  The event included the dedication of a time capsule.